Pug Tattoo Story – Tribute to the Beautiful Creature

It’s always lovely to hear stories behind great pug tattoos. Here is a great example of a tattoo, which has a special place in its owners’ heart. Thanks to Cody for sharing this with us!

“This is Creature the first dog I had on my own. He was my best friend and brought a smile and laughter to me everyday. He didn’t know a stranger and wanted all the attention on him. He was more than a dog, he was my son.


He ended up getting a bacterial infection in his intestines and it turned into a mass that could not be removed as it was connected to main arteries. My wife and I spent thousands of dollars and drove hours away to a specialty vet to try and save our son but in the end we had to make the tough decision to end his suffering.

The tattoo of him will be with me for the rest of my life, I had the artist add his ashes into the ink so he will forever be a part of me. My wife plans on getting his portrait as well. Hands down the greatest dog,son in the world. He will never be forgotten or replaced.”

Submitted by:Cody A. Walters from Springfield, MO, USA
Tattooed by: Ryan Simon @
Tattoo Shop: Eternal Tattoo, Springfield MO, USA

See the full size image of Cody’s tattoo of Creature  Here.

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