Pug Tattoo Story – The Therapy Pug

A story behind Dana’s pug tattoo – Trixie the Therapy Pug.

My children were in love with pugs and they begged and begged to get one. I was reluctant since we already had a dog and we never had been a two dog family before. Then my military husband got orders to go to Iraq and we decided to get the kids a pug puppy as a sort of therapeutic distraction. We named her Trixie.

That was 8 years ago. Dad did his tour and came home safe and sound. We still have our “therapy pug” and she continues to make us happy every day.

Whenever our pug does something silly, or I tell my son a story about something pug has done, he always says “oh pug.

Submitted by: Dana, from Northern Virginia
Location: Left arm
Tattoo Artist: Nick Rose
Tattoo Studio: Bowery Tattoo, Fredericksburg, VA

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