Pug Tattoo Story – Mya Finds Her Forever Home

Today we share a lovely story of how Mya aka “Pug” found her forever home. Many many thanks to Nikki for sharing this lovely story behind her bicep pug tattoo!

My name is Nikki Balderson and this tattoo is on my right bicep with her face facing forward. It was done by my best friend Lulu VanTuckett and her shop is called 3rd Street Art and is in Longview TX.


The Pug’s name is Mya but we mostly call her Pug. Like most Pug owners I am pretty obsessed with her. I got her when she was 1 yr old when a client at the grooming shop I worked in at the time was fostering her. Her original owner was going to send her to the shelter because she didn’t realize how much Pugs shed (idiot) but her loss and my wonderful gain. I have been wanting a Pug forever at this point and she was a true blessing, Pug is now 10 years old and lives with 2 Pit Bulls that she gladly bosses around in Austin TX.

I got the tat of her wearing a coon skin hat since I was born and raised in West Virginia and so was she. The state mascot of WV is a Mountaineer and he wears a coon skin hat. The border idea came from a vintage WV shirt a friend got for me. The lettering for the shirt was done in sticks and I thought it would make a great border for the tat.

Submitted by: Nikki Balderson from Austin, TX, USA
Tattooed by: Lulu VanTuckett
Tattoo Shop: 3rd Street Art in Longview, TX, USA

See the full size image of the tattoo  Here.

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