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We have thousands of people who love pugs, tattoos and both visiting the website every month. We are always looking for guest post contributors to our blog section to offer our readers the most exciting content on our niche topic. Get in touch with us!: hello@luckypug.com

Why you should write for Lucky Pug Blog

By writing for us, you can enjoy many benefits. Your post will be seen by thousands of pug/tattoo enthusiasts on our website – as well as this, we will share on our social media platforms including Instagram and Facebook where we have over 31k active followers combined, to make sure you reach more people.

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How to get started

  1. If you want to get involved, please email us at hello@luckypug.com Tell us a bit about yourself and also please share some example of what you have written previously
  2. We will respond to your message and we can go in more detail, such as what topic to cover and our content writing guidelines.
  3. Once all agreed by both you and us, you can get started with writing your blog post.
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