How Much Does a Pug Cost? [Updated 2023]

How much does a pug cost?

One of the initial questions you will be asking yourself when thinking of owning a pug is ‘How much is a pug?’ Are they expensive? Can be, well very likely. There are a number of factors that could have a huge impact on the price to buy a pug puppy.

Where Pugs are located

Where the dog is located is one of the major factors when it comes to how much it costs to buy a pug puppy. As a general rule, where the breed is rare and there is high demand, they will likely be more expensive than in those areas where there’s high supply.

So now you want to know how much would a pug cost in the UK, in the US, in India etc?

The guide below shows typical price ranges for buying a pug puppy in different countries, from the UK, USA and Canada to India, China, Japan and Philippines.

These are the prices you can expect from a kennel club registered pug breeder. If you see a pug puppy advert that costs much less than the price ranges listed below, you should really be cautious about it. There are places online you can have a look around for puppy adverts like the Premier Pups website.

If it sounds too good to be true, then the chances are it probably is

– they may not be pure purebred pugs or those without papers.

pug cost worldwide infographic

USA – $850 to $2,350 USD
UK – £800 to £1,500
Canada – $800 to $2000 Canadian Dollar
Australia – $900 to $1,500 Australian Dollar
Germany – €900 to €2,000
France – €900 to €1,600
Japan – 50,000 Yen to 300,000 Yen (Average of 100,000 Yen)
India – 10,000 Rs to 40,000 Rs (Indian Rupee)
Italy – €600 to €1,000
Brazil – R$ 1,500 to R$3,500
Philippines – ₱ 15,000 to ₱ 25,000 (Philippine peso)
Ireland – €600 to €1,100
Spain – €500 to €1,300
New Zealand – $700 to $2,000 New Zealand Dollar
Netherlands – €650 to €1,000
South Africa – R1,500 to R5,000 (Rand)
Russia – 30,000 RUB to 100,000 RUB (Russian ruble)
China – 500 CNY to 1,100 CNY (Yuan Renminbi)
Hong Kong – Apparently, pugs are very hard to come by in Hong Kong.
Sweden – 10,000 – 18,000 kr (Swedish Krona)
Norway – 15,000 NOK to 18,000 NOK


Norway is the most expensive country to buy a pug, with a price range between approx. $1,800 and $2,400 USD. On the other side, China is the cheapest country to purchase a pug puppy. You can buy a pug for as low as $75 USD approx, and the price range goes up to just $165 USD. Maybe because this is the country the pug originated from so they could be considered “less special”. – This is just our guess!

More specific geographical location

Even in the same country, the cost to buy a pug can vary from location to location. For example, buying a pug puppy in London, UK can cost a little higher than the rest of the country. This can also apply in almost all countries when buying a pug.

Quality of the pug

As with anything else in the world, how good quality of the dog and breeder can be a significant factor to affect the price of the pug. For example, show quality pug puppies will be more expensive than those that are pet quality. Kennel Club assured breeders will be able to tell you the pug puppies have show winning parents etc.

Some good pug breeder will make sure the puppies are health tested including their hips, eyes, patellas and DNA to assess potential genetic diseases and illness. One thing you will have to bear in mind is that even with these, they can be prone to health problems as they get older.

Unfortunately, there are plenty of pug back yard breeders in all areas. One thing to make sure you don’t get your pug pup from one of those bad breeders, there are a few things you can do before you make your decisions.

• Visit the breeder to see the conditions the pugs are bred in.
• Is the breeder kennel club registered? In the USA, they should be meet AKC, KC CKC standard.
• Will the papers be supplied with the pug puppy?
• Ask to see the puppy’s parents.
• Are both the parents purebred pugs?

Pug age

Age of the pug is another pricing factor. In general, pug puppies are more desirable than adults. This is understandable as many people want to go through the whole process of bringing the puppy up to adult. This makes pug puppies more expensive than adult or retired pugs.

Sadly, circumstances for some pug owners can change and therefore, there can be a number of reasons why adult pugs are being sold or rehomed. Some of these may include:

• Moving to another country and unable to take their pug with them
• Retired from breeding
• New rented house doesn’t allow pets
• Having a newborn baby in the house
• Not having time for the pug
• Changes in work circumstances
• Other personal issues or unforeseen circumstances

With these in mind, the cost to buy an adult pug is significantly lower. You may find the prices to be lower than 50% of pug puppies. Some people may choose not to charge any fees to rehome their adult pugs.

One thing to remember with older pugs is that insurance premiums tend to be higher. This is because pet insurance companies think the chance of claims is much higher than puppies. Furthermore, the dog may have already claimed for certain conditions and treatments, which will have a high chance of getting excluded from the new policy. So it is really important to take into consideration which pet insurance is the best for your pug.

The pug gender

Some breeders may charge different fees for female and male pug puppies in the same litter. In those cases, generally, we find female pug puppies to have a higher cost than male pups. The reasons for this may be due to some people preferring pug bitches’ behaviour than dogs. For example, female pugs will not cock her leg to pee, although not always the case, female pugs are less dominating and easier for house training.

Are black pug puppies more expensive than fawn puppies?

Black Pug Lying Down

The simple answer to this is No. The colour of the pug puppy should not be a pricing factor. Some back yard breeders may make you believe black pugs are rare, resulting in charging more than fawn pugs.

If you hear a breeder say this to you, this is definitely a red flag to say “Do not buy a pug puppy from this person”. Black pugs may be less common but not at all rare.

How much do pugs cost to keep?

As well as the cost to actually buy a puppy in the first place, there are several other associated costs with owning a pug that you should bear in mind. Having knowledge of these expenses can help you get an idea of how much it would actually cost to become a pug owner.

Pug Monthly, Annual and Lifetime Cost

According to a number of studies, the average lifetime costs of owning a pug is somewhere between $11,500 and £60,000 in the US!

So here they are, these are estimated monthly, annual and lifetime cost for each type. This should only be used as a general guide.


Cost Type
Monthly Cost
Annual Cost
Life-time Cost(13 years)
$17 – $83 (US)
£12 – £58 (UK)
$200 – $1,000 (US)
£140 – £700 (UK)
$2,600 – $13,000 (US)
£1,820 – £9,100 (UK)
$0 – $10 (US)
£0 – £7 (UK)
$0 – $120 (US)
£0 – £84 (UK)
$0 – $1,560 (US)
£0 – £1092 (UK)
Vets fees
$0 – $100 (US)
£0 – £70 (UK)
$0 – $1,200 (US)
£0 – £840 (UK)
$0 – $15,600 (US)
£0 – £10,920 (UK)
$15 – $100 (US)
£10 – £70 (UK)
$195 – $1,300 (US)
£135 – £910 (UK)
$0 – $40 (US)
£0 – £28 (UK)
$0 – $480 (US)
£0 – £335 (UK)
$0 – $6,240 (US)
£0 – £4,368 (UK)
$0 – $1,000 (US)
£0 – £700 (UK)
$50 – $1,000 (US)
£35 – £700 (UK)
Pet Insurance
$20 – $70 (US)
£15 – £50 (UK)
$240 – $840 (US)
£180 – £600 (UK)
$3,120 – $10,920 (US)
£2,340 – £7,800 (UK)
$55 – $85 (US)
£40 – £60 (UK)
$715 – $1,105 (US)
£520 – £780 (UK)
Flea Treatments
$7 – $10 (US)
£5 – £7 (UK)
$84 – $120 (US)
£60 – £84 (UK)
$1,092 – $1,560 (US)
£780 – £1,092 (UK)
$280 – $700 (US)
£200 – £500 (UK)
$3,640 – $9,100 (US)
£2,600 – £6,500 (UK)
$874 – $4,645 (US)
£631 – £3,274 (UK)
$11,412 – $60,385 (US)
£8,232 – £43,962 (UK)


There will likely be unexpected costs from time to time. This may be surgery cost for the pug’s eyes, nose, breathing or anything else, or maybe you may decide to go on vacation, in which case you would need to take into consideration the costs to put your pug in a boarding kennel or hiring a pug sitter.

Owning a pug is a large commitment, in terms of welcoming a new family member that you will have the responsibility of looking after and also financially. So before you decide to buy a pug, make sure you can afford the commitment. But also remember, pugs are loving-natured dogs that will suit all family types and what’s more, they can also be great ESA dogs.

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