Leg Pug Tattoos – Color Tattoos


You will find a selection of pug tattoos on the leg in this section of the Lucky Pug Gallery. This gallery is specifically for color pug tattoos. The legs are a pretty nice place for your pug tattoo, it’s a place you can easily see on yourself too. We here at Lucky Pug really love leg pug tattoos, you can stare at the pug tattoos on your leg all day everyday, heaven for many of you as dog lovers.. pug lovers. We have included pug tattoos on all leg parts, such as tattoos on a thigh, knee, shin, calf and ankle. For more leg pug colour tattoos, see the 2nd Part Here!

Artist: Dan Molloy of Legacy Tattoo
Artist: Cassie Connolly of Freebird, Ellesmere Port, Cheshire, UK
Artist: Marco Valles of Luky Tattos, Mexico
on Francesca Antonello
Artist: Venessa Redmond
Artist: Mona Skov Andersen of Iron and Ink in CPH, Denmark
Artist: Patrick Thomas
Artist: Juan Gollaz of-Black Diamond, CA, USA
Hannibal Pugter - by Scott Olive
Submitted by Josefine Lundin
Zombie Pug Tattoo - by Ryan F.N. Myles
St Paddy Pug - by Ryan F.N. Myles
Artist: Moses of Marked Studios, Reno, NV
on Haley, OC, CA, USA
Artist: Jo Pink of Funhouse Tattoos
Pug in a Wig - by Pip Faeros at Shinko Tattoo in Albion, QLD
on Lorena Oliveira
Artist: Scott Olive of Oddity Tattoo, FL, USA
Gus the Pug - by James Six at Art and Soul Tattoos, Kalamazoo, MI
Frankie the Pug - on Stephanie Jacklin
on Summer Valentine, by @billy_holyghosttattoo
Artist: Bryn Taylor at Taylormade Tattoo, San Mateo, CA
Artist: Bodo Buntmacher
RIP Fugly
Artist: Mat Price
Artist: Dave of Body Canvas Tattoo
Artist: Thom Rein of Minds Eye Tattoo in Emmanu, PA
Oscar the Pug - by Jill Hollingsworth of Buju Tattoo
Artist: Mona Andersen of Iron and Ink in Copenhagen Denmark
Submitted by Andy Lima by Riva from brazil
Halloween Pug - by Jbomb Custom Tattooing of 72 Tattoo, Urmston, Manchester, UK
Kramer the Pug - IG @kramerthepug
Artist: Julie Bauschardt at D&M Tattoo, Canada
Timmy the Pug - on Maryann Waters
Artist: Alvaro Contreras of Mr Crowley Tattoo Studio, Spain
Artist: Itoyo Kinoshita
Pugdalf - Artist: Jeremy Roach
Artist: Mauricio Bastos Junior
RIP Yoda - by Amanda Noelle
Artist: Tyler David
Artist: Brandon Chunk Haines at Apache Tattoo
Artist: Freddie Albrighton, Birmingham, UK
Artist: Crow T of Siete Round Tattoo - IG @crowtattooist
Artist: Tom Taylor at Deep Six Tattoo
Artist: Sam Cole, UK
Artist: Mauricio Bastos Junior
RIP Enzo the Pug - on Aj Vagliani
On: Aimee Albans
Pin Up Diana the Huntress with her two hunting dogs - Tattooed by Melissa Szeto of Love Hate Tattoo, Notting Hill, UK
On: IG @maeganalish
Artist: Matthew Torres of Black Label Tattoo Co
Artist: Constantin Schuldt of Constantin In Prina, Germany
Artist: Yana Kovaleva, Moscow, Russia
On: Bryan Baker from Canada
Artist: Justin Cartwright of Five Star Tattoo
Artist: Katie Wilson of Worcester Tattoo Studio, UK
Artist: Sam Whitehead of Blind Eye Tattoo co, Leeds, UK
Pug in a cup - by Eddy Lou at STR Body Modifications in Wyong, NSW, Australia
Artist: Kristin Bonafide of Artisanal Tattoo in Somerville, NJ, USA
Pizza Spaceship Pug - Artist: Ezra Haidet of Mainstay Tattoo, Austin, Texas, USA
Submitted by on IG @tatooine__
Artist: Nerida Nicolson of Little Tokyo, Sydney, Australia
Artist: Kiah O'Rourke of Candour Custom Tattoo, Leicester, UK
Leg Pug Tattoo on Petra Leijssen
Artist: Jake Sifford of Living Skin Tattoo
Artist: Steven Middleton of Tattoo City, Lockport, Illinois, USA
Artist: Dawnii Fantana of Painted Lady Tattoo, UK
RIP Connie - submitted by Rebecca Carpita
 Artist: Ezra Haidet of Mainstay Tattoo, Austin, Texas, USA
Viking Pug - Artist: Ezra Haidet of Mainstay Tattoo, Austin, Texas, USA
Artist: Ashley Luka Newman of the Square Tattoo, Birmingam
 Artist: Ezra Haidet of Mainstay Tattoo, Austin, Texas, USA
Artist: Sascha Erdmannski at Stechzimmer, Essen, Germany
Artist: Alley Lion of Blood and Honey Tattoo Company, Cheltenham, UK
Artist: Jody Dawber of Picturehouse Tattoo Studio, Chippenham, UK
 Artist: Nick Wild of Inkinc the tattoo Lounge, Pontypool Blaenavon, Wales
 Artist: Tanya at Studio 767, CA, USA
 Artist: Ian Wiedrick of Magic Cobra in Brooklyn, NY, USA
Tattooed at the Pompey Tattoo Convention
Artist - Tom Connors of Bound for Glory Tattoo, NY, USA
Artist: Erikka James of Incognito Tattoo Studio, PA, USA
Scrambles the Death Dealer wearing his shark costume stealing a sandwich.
Hawaiian Pug - Submitted by Matt Fuller
Artist: Danny BX of Black Lotus Tattoo Gallery
Fez the Pug - Artist - Clare Hampshire of Korpus Studio, Melbourne, Australia
Artist: Eleonora Rizzi of Liberarte Tattoo and Piercing, Milan, Italy
 Artist: Stevie Scott of Lust for Life
Artist: Christy Fish, Portland, OR, USA
Tattooed by Styrman of No Fear Tattoo, Gothenburg, Sweden
On: Alexandra from Corpus Christi, TX, USA
Artist: Aaron at UBX Tattoo, Virginia Beach, USA
Frank n Helga - Submitted by Katrin from Germany
Artist: Jeff Bult
Skylar the Pug - Tattooed by Greg Harris of Mischief Moon Tattoo, Sydney, Australia
Artist - Tom Flanagan of Odd Fellows Collective, Leeds, UK
 Artist: Jason Brown at Liquid Courage Tattoo, Omaha, NE, USA
Hugo the Pug - Tattooed by Amanda Cain at Vic Market Tattoo, Melbourne, Australia
Artist: Josh Carter of Immaculate Tattoo, Mesa, AZ, USA
Artist: Mark Stewart of Forever Tattoo Parlour, Florida, USA
 Pugsley - Artist: Ryan Thomas at Insignia Ink, Kings Lyn, UK
In Dog We Trust -Tattooed by Roberto Poliri
Artist: Lucky of Legacy Tattoo, Sacramento, USA
Artist: Alex Kass of Electric Panther Tattoo, Texas, USA
Artist: Isobel Juliet Stevenson of Skinnys Ink, Birmingham (UK)
 Artist: Tilly Dee of Trailer Trash Tattoo,Australia
Ankle Pug tattoo on IG @lisasupershears
Maverick the Warrior Pug - on Joshua J from San Francisco, CA, USA
Artist: Nathan Rawlings at Paulys Tattoo, Southampton, UK
Creature the Pug - Tattooed by Ryan Simon of Eternal Tattoo, Springfield, MO, USA
Submitted by Martyn Kinnear, Design by Gemma Correl
Submitted by Martyn Kinnear, Design by Gemma Correl
Memorial Tattoo of Java the Pug - Tattooed by Jim LoPrfesti of Lucky Soul Tattoo, CT, USA
Artist: Pedro Breaks, UK
Tattooed by Dave Hoffman at Artistic Additions, Dover, USA
Artist: Caroline Beet of Irezumi Tattoo Studio, Sheffield, UK
Scoop of Pug - Tattooed by Josh Herrera of Skin Factory Tattoo, Las Vegas, USA
David Bowie Pug -Tattooed by Brian Lejman of Premier Tattoo
Tattooed at Tattoo Moscow, Russia
Party Time - Tattooed by Steve Wade of All Seeing Eye Tattoo Lounge (UK)
Pug n Cat - Tattooed by Ben Hale
Gypsy Pug - Tattooed by Glen Davis
PUG LIFE - Tattooed by Chris Devine of Northside Tattooz
Sanchez the Pug - Tattooed by Ruddy Imada Bandung, Indonesia
Submitted by Sam Duncan
Tattooed by Jon Erik Edrosa of Rooster Tattoo Art in Lake Elsinore, CA, USA
Harley the Pug - Tattooed by Shawn Milton of Inkredible Tattoo, Canada
Adele the Hula Girl Pug - by Skin Deep Tattooing, Waikiki Beach, Hawaii
Claypool the Pug - by Leonardo Rojas, Santiago de Chile
Xmas Pug - Tattooed by Kristen Goetz at Visionary Tattoo, NY, USA
Pug in a Cup - Tattooed by Cass Bramley at Trailer Trash Tattoo, AUS
Tattooed by Cristian Gonzalez, Corrientes, Argentina
Meeko the Pug - Tattooed by  IG @haultiamreptar
Tattooed by Alvaro Hernandez in Santiago, Chile
Love the Teeth! - Tattooed by James Dowthwaite of Doc Black Ink UK
Tattooed by Glenn Morris of the Gilded Quill Studio, Lincoln, UK
Tattooed by Xander Thorn at Hallelujah Goat, Seattle, USA
Superman Pug - Tattooed by Josh Herrera at Skin Factory Tattoo, Las Vegas
Tattooed by Fillipe Pacheco (Brazil)
Tattooed by Royalmike (Italy)
Princeton and Tiger - Tattooed by Jay Decator at Passage Tattoo, Toronoto, Canada
Bat Pug - Tattooed by Craig Foster at Skinwerks Tattoo
Tattooed by Nic Terramiggi, Upstate, New York, USA
Tattooed by Jamie of Bad Apples Tattoo Emporium, AUS
Tattooed by Gary Cox
King Louis - by Ryan Cullen of Classic Tattoos, St Petersburg
Tattooed by Dave of Rock N Willys Tattoo, Wind Gap, PA, USA
Tattooed by Dave Bewick at Black Crown Tattoo
Tattooed by Leonardo Avelar of Souless Tattoo
Tattooed by Bill Crawford
Tattooed by Anastasia Grr (Nasti Nasti), Austria
Tattooed by by Daryl Watson of Rock n Roll, Glasgow
Artist - Briellen Feeney
Work in Progress - Tattooed by Ben Snowshall
Tattooed by Olga Vadimovna, Moscow, Russia
Pug jigsaw - Tattooed by Jess of Abandoned Art Tattoo
Tattooed at  Broken Clover Tattoo, Tucson, USA
Patron the Pug - Tattooed by Ash Harris of Tebori Custom Tattoo, UK
Artie at the Cabin - Tattooed by Bryn Taylor of Sugarfoot Tattoo, USA
Russian Doll Pug - Tattooed by by Loo Pimble of Mr Beards of Kington, UK
Lolita the Pug - Tattooed by Cassie Stover at OKC Hudson Tattoo
Geisha Pug- Tattooed by Kris James at Work of Skin
Royal Pug - Tattooed by Susannah Griggs of Eternal Tattoos
Tattoo by James Dowthwaite of Doc Black Ink, UK
Pug Life - Tattooed by James Connolly, Tampa, USA
Dooku the Pug - Tattooed by Rob Ratcliffe of Border Rose Tattoo
Tattooed by Marty Riet of Black 13, Nashville, USA
Tattooed by David Osorio at Afflicted Ink Tattoo
Pug in a Bug - Tattooed by Pat Bennett
Tattooed by Andrew Yayzus - facebook.com/yayzus
Bailey the King Pug - Tattooed by Amanda Cain, Melbourne, Australia
TAttooed by Donnie at Electrik Needle, Prescott Valley, Arizona, USA
Tattooed by Matt Stevens at The Silverhand
Sailor Pug - Tattooed by Kurt Marlow of Falling Leaves Tattoo Studio
Marie Antoinette with Pug - Tattooed by Craig Foster of Skinwerks Tattoo
Pug Bow - Tattooed by Yayzus from Cranwell Village, Lincolnshire, UK
Tattooed by Sanchez at Hunter and Fox Tattoo, Sydney, Australia
Tattooed by Holly Tunnicliffe of Pierce of Art Tattoo Studio
Tattooed by Andy Walker at Creative Vandals, Hull
Tightrope Walking Pug - Tattooed by Patrick Cornolo at Speakeasy Custom Tattoo, Chicago
Remy the Pug - Tattooed by Craig Foster at Skinwerks Tattoo
Artist - Mike Cann at Folk City Tattoo, Suffolk, Virginia, USA
Hipster Pug - Tattooed by Beau of Loaded Forty Four Tattoo - Instagram: beautattoo
Tattoo by Christian Lanouette, Montreal, Quebec, Canada
Pug Life - Tattooed by Josh Rees of Hellfire Tattoo
PUG LIFE - Tattooed by Chris Green from Blackpool (UK)
Bicycle Pug - Submitted and Designed by Gemma Correll
Submitted by Hannah Tynan
Winston the Pug -  Tattooed by Sadee at Ruby Lou's Tattoo Studio
Helga Bunny - Tattooed by Kapten Hanna at Idle Hand Tattoo in SanFrancisco, USA
Boris the Wonder Pug - Tattoo by Kapten Hanna Idle Hand Tattoo in San Francisco, USA
Alien Pug - Tattooed by Chad Chase at Venom Ink Tattoo
Mommy's Pugs - Tattooed by Alvaro Contreras at Mr Crowley Tattoo Studio
Sailor Pug - Tattooed by Stefan Getty at Cloak & Dagger, Nortern Ireland
Tattooed by Giancarlo Capra at Il Pellerossa Tattoo, Italy
Party Pug - Tattooed by Bo Myers at Electric Pony Tattoo
WILMA the Pug -  Tattooed by Luke Macmillan at The Ink Garage, Perth, WA
Tattooed by Shawn Will at Red Dagger Tattoo Studio, TX, USA
Pug Life - Tattooed by Alasdair at Native Ink Tattoo Studio
Tattoo of Kelly's lovely pug on her calf, Tattooed by Virginia Elwood from NY Adorned.
Beetle the Pug - Submitted by Faye Guerra from Fredericksburg, USA
Two Pugs - Tattooed by Jon Potter at Twisted Image Custom Tattoo
 Jet the Pug - Tattooed by Bryn Taylor of Sugarfoot Tattoo, San Mateo
Inventor Pug Flying his Blimp - Tattooed by Kevin Poon at Scorpion Studio, TX, USA
Adrian's Beloved Lala & Ziggy - Tattooed by Amanda Cain, Melbourne, Australia
Puggerfly - Tattooed by Ezra Haidet
Pug n' Chicken - Tattooed by Cory D at Off Whyte Tattoos in Alberta, Canada
Lydia the Black Pug - Tattooed by Kapten Hanna at Idle Hand Tattoo in San Francisco
Bullet the Pug - Submitted by Sarah Sahara from Germany
Tattooed by Jon Mesa at Sacred Tattoo, NYC, USA
Houdinim the Escape artist Pug - Tattooed by Brandon Bond at All Or Nothing Tattoo in Atlanta GA, USA
Tracy's Pug Buddha Tattoo - “"My pug is wise, like a small furry Buddha.”
CROWBAR the pug - Tattooed by Rachel Merritt at Emperor Tattoo in Nashville, TN
Pug Wearing a Pig Hat - Tattooed by Petor Jankevicius from Burlington, Ontario, Canada
Realistic Pug Portrait, Tattooed by Nate Beavers from Houston TX USA - Web: NateBeavers.com - Insragram: @NateBeavers
 Tattooed by Crystal Callahan at Idle Hands Tattoo Emporium - idlehandsmaryland.com
'MIKLO' - Tattooed by @robthewolf
Portrait tatoo of Louie the Pug - Tattooed by Josh Bodwell at Funhouse Tattooing in Tannersville
Pugs & Crossbones - Tattooed by Michael Kortez at Kirk Alley's 1111 Tattoo in LA, CA, USA
Arwen the Pug - Tattooed by Patrick Adams at Underworld Ink
Sparkey the Pug - Tattooed by James Fanara at Old Gold in Bellingham, WA USA
Gus the Pug - Tattooed by Meighan Mary at Lucky 13 Tattoo
Bella the Pug - Tattooed at Saddam Tattoo Studio in Sao Paulo, Brazil
PUG LIFE! - Tattooed by @sharkytattoos at Tia Juana Tattoos, Mexico
Notorious Pug - Brian Brooke at The BeautyMark Tattoo Studio
Pug Loves Food - Designed by Gemma Correll
Tattooed by JR Jenkins at the 2013 Philadelphia Tattoo Arts Convention
Submitted by Mike Tea from Melbourne, Australia
Smart Pug - Tattooed by Barry at Ink Injection Tattoo, Mohegan Lake, New York
Tank the Pug - Tattooed by Bryn Taylor at Sugarfoot Tattoo in San Mateo, California, USA
Sophisticated Pug Portrait - Tattooed by Anthony Guido at Mighty Horseman Tattoo co - check him out on facebook.com/anthonygtattoo
A Pug with the Egyptian Fez -  Tattooed by Brandon Blevins at Thrill Vulture Tattooing, Ohio, USA
TRUE LOVE - Tattooed by Rob of Frontline Tattoo Studio
A tattoo of Haydn's pug, 'Jacky Chan', tattooed by Brad - 'Pug Life'
Tattooed by Haydn's friend Ishi
Tattooed around 1999/2000 by Jesse at Lucky's in Northampton, MA