Pug Tattoo Gallery

Browse all of the Lucky Pug tattoo Galleries on this page. You’ll find different types of pug tattoos on various parts of the body, including tattoos on the foot, ribs, arms, legs, shoulders and chest etc.

Pug Tattoo Design Ideas

We think dog tattoos are always cool, in fact the coolest type of all. Especially pugs, we think they are the best looking dog breed! It could be that you own a pug and you always want a tattoo of your best friend on your body. Or maybe you simply love pugs and you want to add to your tattoo collection. Either way, there are different types of pug tattoos you can possibly get, including: Black and Grey, Colours, Japanese style, Cartoon, Portrait, realistic, or name tattoos. If you’re considering getting a pug name tattoo, you should carefully consider what font to use as this could have a massive impact on how the tattoo will look on your body. Another thing to take into account when deciding on your pug tattoo design is whether you want a large or small tattoo. Get your pug tattoo inspiration with Lucky Pug! Or alternatively, you can check out more dog paw tattoo design ideas on savedtattoo.com

Finding the Right Tattoo Artist

Once you’ve decided what pug tattoo design you want to get, it is definitely really important to take the time to research and find the right tattoo artist to do it. It is often the case that different tattoo artists specialise in different types of tattoo. For example, Kat Von D of LA Ink and Miami Ink, prides herself in specialising portrait tattoos. So if it is your pug portrait tattoo you’re after, then you should probably go to someone like her, but if you’re more interested in the Japanese style pug tattoo, this would be a different story. It would be really ideal if you could find an artist who specialise in dog tattoos, or even better pug tattoos! A lot of tattoo artists showcase their tattoo work online, which you should look through carefully. We often find the best way to find a good tattoo artist is ‘word of mouth’ either through friends’ recommendations or press coverage. Tattoo conventions take place all across the country and the world, and these may be ideal places to find the artist to do your pug tattoo. So make sure you find the right tattoo artist to do your pug tattoo whatever style it is you’re after.

Pug Tattoos on Different Body Parts

Deciding which body part you want your pug tattoo on, is possibly the hardest choice to make. It could be a pug tattoo on your foot, arm, back or leg. Or it may be on less ‘common’ parts, such as your lips or more private areas you want your pug tattoo on. Everyone has a different pain threshold but typically some body parts are more sensitive than other. For example, a lot of people find tattoos on a foot, chest and rib cage find quite painful as they are very close to bone. But on the positive side and one most important thing to remember is that you can get your pug tattoo on pretty much anywhere on your body and the tattoo will look beautiful!

Pug Tattoo Prices

‘How much do tattoos cost?’ is a pretty common question asked, and it is very difficult or nearly impossible to answer. Tattoo prices could vary depending on a number of different things. For example, different tattoo artists charge different amounts. Others include the tattoo size, placement on the body, how detailed the tattoo design is and how long your pug tattoo would take to complete. The best and most accurate way to find out your pug tattoo price is to get in touch and discussing your pug tattoo design details with your chosen tattoo artist.