Tattoo Stats – How Much Do Tattoos Cost? Do People Care?

So we love tattoos and we see a lot of tattoos submitted to us. We get a lot of information with them like the stories behind, on which body part, who tattooed them and at what studio etc. We get all sorts of awesome pug tattoos, from realistic portrait tattoos, and colour tattoo to black and grey ones. But one thing we don’t talk about very often with these tattoos is how much they actually cost. Do people find it awkward to talk about the cost, or maybe it’s not such an important factor when it comes to (pug) tattoos.

We always knew the tattoo industry is huge, especially in the USA, but were never sure how huge. So according to Pew Research Centre, the total annual amount of spending on tattoos is $1.65 Billion. Let us rewrite, that’s $1,650,000,000. That’s a lot of zero’s!

The average cost of getting a large tattoo, it is $150 per hour. This means 11 Million hours spent on getting tattoos each year ($1.65 Billion divided by $150). That’s a lot, considering there are only 8,760 hours in a year (365 days times by 24 hours). Let’s ignore small tattoos for now, which by the way has an average cost of $45.

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So why is it that we don’t talk about the tattoo cost very often?

Again as according to Pew Research Centre, In US, only 8% of people with tattoos think the price is the most important factor. 49% think the reputation of the tattoo studio or artist is the most important factor. It is also worth noting a lot of tattoo artists & studios have tattoo insurance in place. 43% believe getting a tattoo with personal meaning is the most critical factor. It is really nice to know that a lot more tattooed people care about getting a good quality tattoo or something that means to them than something that’s cheap.

So to conclude this point, I think we are safe to say people don’t talk about money so much because the cost is not such an important factor when it comes to getting a tattoo.

Yet, 17 per cent of people have some regret after getting a tattoo.. Strange, and maybe sad.

The question now is that is this exclusive to those in the USA only? Or is this something tattoo enthusiasts have in common worldwide?

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