Arm Pug Tattoos – Color Tattoos


Find a range of awesome color pug tattoos on the arm and sleeve. The arm area is similar to the leg, everyone can see it and it’s easy to look at yourself. So when you’re feeling down, just look at your awesome pug tattoo on you arm, you will soon be smiling! You will find color pug tattoos on a variety of arm parts including tattoos triceps, bicep and wrist.

"My dogs name is Dexter and he is 2 years old, he had a rough start to life and wasn’t supposed to live past 6 months old but proved everyone wrong"
 Lolita - by Mark Lonsdale of Little Tokyo Sydney
Ruby is my 8 y/o Frenchie and Edgar is my almost 7 year old Pug.  They hate hats in real life.
Artist: Justin Hofmeister of Electric Anchor Tattoo Co
Tribute to David Bowie & Ping the Pug
Artist: Osvaldo Fonseca
Artist: Christopher Ayalin of Liberty Tattoo
Artist: Fiona Hamilton of Karma Collective, Birmingham
Artist: Jasmin Austin of Adorned Empire in Fremantle
Studio: Tattoo Nero Ink
Artist: Daniel  J J Vasquez
Artist: Alvaro Contreras
Benji Bean the Pug - by Kelly McGrath
Artist: JF Biron of Ink Your Soul Tattoos, Canada
submitted by IG @mopsmaggie
Artist: Chelsea Shoneck of Unkindess Art, Richmond, VA
Artist: Melissa Valiquette of DFA Tattoos, Montreal
Artist: Will of Juli Moon Studio, Greater Boston - Original art by Gemma Correll
on: Hilda Alvarez Rincon
on: Emma McSorley
Artist: Darian Lisker
PugVader - by Scott Olive of Oddity Tattoo, Sarasota, FL
Hampug - by Michael Werner of Saint and Sinners, Dessau
Artist: Rosaland Daniels of Club Tattoo, Tempe, USA
Artist: Timmy B of Niteowl Tattoo, Northampton, Massachusetts
RIP Gus - Artist: Yana of Lucky Dog Tattoos in Fresh Meadows, Queens, NYC
Studio: Deep Image Tattoo, Melbourne Australia
Artist: by Lukas Heyn of Black Sheep Tattoo, Gieben, Germany
Artist: Josh Rutski of Renaissance Tattoo, Buffalo, NY
Artist: Shazz of Idle Hands Tattoo, Heywood, Lancashire, UK
Artist: Dave Cummings of Peep Show Tattoo in Oromocto, NB
Tofu the Pug - by Fizz of- La Tattoo Studio, Bayswater, Perth, Aus
 Artist: Marcel Rabe of Your Llife
Artist: Santana at Stigma Ink, Tampa, FL
Artist: Nick Bones of Studio 21 Tattoo, Vegas
Artist: @Trishbee
Kat's fifth pug tattoo - by Helena Heath
on @shmamestagram by @heidisandhorsttattoo
Artist: Nahuel Rico in Buenos Aires, Argentina
Artist: Josh Herrera, Las Vegas, USA
RIP Myrtle Turtle - by Josh Schuver of Artistic Edge Tattoo
On: IG @Carsonpuggington, by @cwilson141
Artist: Agnes Bok of Bel Air Tattoo
Artist: TJ Schunemann of Underworld Tattoo Company
Artist: Nick Rose of Bowery Tattoo, Fredericksburg, VA
Submitted by Melissa Szeto of 13 Diamonds Tattoo Shop, by Alexandre Mansuy
Artist: John Mendoza
Franken Pug - Winner of Best Small Colour at a Tattoo Expo - by Josh Herrera, Las Vegas, USA
On: Justin Tsang
On: Jakie Hdz
Artist - IG @Daveeblows
 Pugly - on Marius Knutsen
Artist: Polly Hatter of Deluxe Custom Tattoo in North bay, ON, Canada
Artist: Jeremy Hamilton of Blood Sweat and Tears Tattoo
 Artist: Sam Whitehead of Blind Eye Tattoo Co, Leeds, UK
One Eyed Wonder Pug - on Tracy Sirc Chandler, inspired by Gemma Correll
Pug Bat - Submitted by Mike D'Antonio of Killswitch Engage, by Dave at Chapel St Tattoo, Melbourne, Australia
Pepper the Pug - on Lauren Moore
Artist: Brittany Banahan of Dark Water Tattoos
Artist: Mona Cupcake Tattoo at Iron and Ink Tattoo, Copenhagen, Denmark
Artist: Olivia Sanders
Studio: Blacksun Tattoo, Italy
Sales Woman Pug, Nene - Submitted by ICE
Artist: Gin Hicks of Icon Tattoo, Portland, OR, USA
Cover up tattoo - Studio: Amazing Tattoo Workshop, Hong Kong
Genie Pug - Artist: Daryl Watson of Rock n Roll Tattoo, Dundee
Artist: Wil of Randy Adams Tattoo
Artist: Gust Razo of Guilty Pleasures Tattoo Studio, San Diego, CA, USA
Artist: Maria Lucero Saenz Tatuadora
Artist: Jake Hicks of Maritime in Leeds
Submitted by Paula Assis from Santiago de Chile
Artist: Luke Pritchard of Artful Ink Tattoo Studio
Artist: Bodhi Maeztro in Phoenix, AZ
Artist: Michael Manarino of Fullertons Aces High
Jasmine the Pug - Artist: Chris Collinsworth at Wihite Lotus Custom Tattoo
Artist: Kelsea McCree of Family Tradition Tattoo
Artist: Maxim Matsukevich of Mir Tattoo, Moscow, Russia
Artist -  Sasha Unisex, St Petersburg, Russia
Artist: Joakim Rosenberg at Black Bryan Grondal, Stockholm
Artist: Ruth Jamieson, UK
Artist: Hollie West of Indigo Tattoo & Piercing Norwich
Artist: IG @dasblauevomhimmel
Artist: Vesco of One Love Tattoo
Artist: Den Ise by Maruf of Jungle Tattoo, Boblingen, Germany
Artist: Scott Phillips of La Tattoo Studio, Bayswater, Western Australia
Pugneki Neko - by Ezra Haidet of Mainstay Tattoo, Austin, TX, USA
Artist: Felix Roman, Native Lucky Kat Tattoo, Whitning, Indiana, USA
Artist: James Fernella of Morning Star Tattoo, Brooklyn, NYC, USA
Artist: Chantal Boulet of Iron Lotus Tattoo, Winnipeg, Manitoba
 Van Gogh - by Ezra Haidet of Mainstay Tattoo, Austin, TX, USA
 Design by Ezra Haidet of Mainstay Tattoo, Tattooed by Keith Keister
Artist: Bobby Ellis of Victory Tattoo in Ormond Beach, Florida, USA
Lily the Pug - on Alexa Rabini
Submitted by Dennia Vieten
Studio: Lucky You Tattoo, Goch, Germany
 Artist: Dez of Cheyenne Mountain Tattoo Co, colorado
Hunter the Pug - Kath Von G of Tattoo Art Beach, France
Artist: George Bonner of True tattoo, London, UK
Artist: Julie Seizure of Skunx Tattoo, London
Geisha Pug - by KC Lange of Old Gold Tattoo, WA, USA
Artist: Gin Hicks, Portland
Artist: Keith Pierce
Artist: Saz at Human Canvas, UK
Artist: Jaco Abarca Duran
Artist: Ash Harris of Tebori Custom Tattoo
Artist: Kyle Skyer of Tiger Rose Tattoo, North East Minneapolis, USA
Meatball the Pug - Submitted by Anghely Contreras
Artist: Julia Seizure at Skunx, London, UK
Artist:IG: @xgoregorx, Russia
Artist - Chae Dinsmore of Abandoned Art Tattoo in Malaga, WA, USA
Artist: Matt Crandon of Black Pearl Tattoo Studio, UK
Princess Leia Pug - Artist: Michael Bogle of Eyecandy Tattoos, New Orleans, USA
Artist - Gorge Long, Seattle, WA, USA
Artist: Craigy Lee, Wellington, New Zealand
Pug Brain - By Herrera of Skin Factory Tattoo, Las Vegas, USA
Artist: Amy Grant of Empire Tattoo, UK
LaLuge the Pug - Artist: Emily Effler at Sacred Heart, Atlanta - IG @emilyeffler
Pedro the Pug - Tattooed by Paul Naylor at the 2013 Brighton Tattoo Convention
 Artist: Rick of Tattoo Paradise, Berlin, Germany
Geeky Skating Bella - by Matt Griffith at 2$pistol, Chillicothe, Ohio, USA
Trixie the Pug - Artist: Trent Valleau at Taste of Ink, Austin, TX, USA
Artist: Lulu Vantuckett of 3rd Street Art in Longview, TX, USA
Artist: Danny Vasquez of the Electric Pen, N Hollywood, CA, USA
Submitted by Alessia Duarte Fernandes
Artist: Clifton Boggs of Eulogy Tattoo in Canton, Ohio, USA
Artist: Dean Coughlin of Design for Life, Liverpool, UK
Arm Pug Tattoo by Gills Bodyart on ig: @_rebecker
Artist: Josh Herman at Good Family Tattoo, IL
Underwater Pug - Tattooed by Rob Richardson of Immortal Art Studio
Artist - Beau at Blue Cardinal Tattoo Studio, Manchester, UK
Tattooed by Joan Cinder
'Sweet' Pug Face Boy - Tattooed by Mike Biggs at Studio 21 Tattoo in Las Vegas, USA
Tattooed by Brock Ryan of Perfect Image Studio, Waterloo
Scampi & Sookie - Michelle's lovely Arm Tattoo by heather Alvin at Lady Luck Tattoo
Pickle the Pug - Tattooed by Kate Selkie of the Tattoo Workshop, Brighton, UK
Humphery the Cartoon Pug as a reminder of Clyde the Pug - Tattooed by Ron Rust of Voodoo Tattoo, Oklahoma City, OK, USA
Tattooed by Tai Orten of Electric Hand Ink, Nashville, TN, USA
Tattooed by Caroline Beet from Irezumi Tattoo Studio Sheffield, UK
Tattooed by Andy Tattoo Studio, Rovigo, Italy
Pug Headed Shark - Tattooed by Joel Menter at Hyperion Tattoo in Buffalo, NY, USA
Tattooed by Jake Docksey of Ravenskin, the Isle of Wight
TAttooed by Jen Maw of Nemesis Tattoo Studio, Seahamm Durham, UK
Artist - Eric Blood of Bella Arte Tattoo, NJ, USA
Tattooed by Pawat Dechalerd of Creep Ink Tattoo, Bangkok, Thailand
 Tattooed by Jacob Zamore of Lifestyle Tattoo (Sweden)
Pug & Crocodile & Pizza - Tattooed by Steven Mostyn of Memories & Mischief, Tittling, Germany
Tattooed by James Bartlett - Instagram @inkybeard
Tattooed by Victor Octaviano
Tattooed by Tuula Aikioniemi of Skin Craft Tattoo Shop (Finland)
Luke the Pug - Tattooed by Matt Beacham
Samurai Pug on IG @jeniandlemmy
Doris the Pug - tattooed by Ludde of Crazy Fresh Tattoo, Stockholm, Sweden
"Lucky Pug" - Tattooed by Sterling Barck of CM Tattoo
Tattooed by Ainslie Heilich at Vintage Karma tattoo studio. Find them at and Facebook - vintagekarma & aheilich
Tattooed by Natz Coady, UK
Tattooed by Dain at-Ink R Nation Tattoos, Newcastle-under-Lyme, UK
AMERICAN Pug - Tattooed by Kankle Bacon, Las Vegas, USA
Sophia (from the Golden Girls) Pug - Tattooed by Tara Timoon at New Moon Tattoo, Canada
Lucy and Linus the Pugs in the style of Dean Russo's paintings - Tattooed by Tara of Body Designs
Tattooed by Karl Cooper of Fools Gold, UK
Tattooed by Johan 'Big Fat Joe' Ankarfyr at Crooked Moon Tattoo, Sweden
Happy Pug - Tattooed by Angie Fey of Archive Tattoo
Submitted by Chase Pinckney
Tattoo by Miguel Ameliach, Venezuela
Wrinkly Pug -  Tattooed by Pip Faeros, Brisbane, QLD
Dudley & Nigel - Submitted by Carey Lorang, Seattle, WA, USA
Ettore - Tattooed by Daniela of Family Affair Tattoo Studio
Tattooed by Jake Andersen of Divine Machine Tattoo, NY
 Finished Version - Tattooed by Jake Andersen at Divine Machine Tattoo
Tattooed by Eds of Distinktive Tattoos, Toronto, Canada
Clown Pug - Tattooed by Stacey Hill at Evolve Body Art Columbus
PUG's LIFE - Tattooed by El Bernardes at Hell to Pay Tattoos, Camden
Japanese Anime Style Pug - Tattooed by Leah Burchell, UK
Tattooed by Christine Erickson at Horns & Tails Tattoo Parlor, USA
Babushka the Pug - Tattooed by Jamila at Jimmy Romance Tattoo
Tattooed by Joel Stadius at Kungsgatan 13, Sweden
Lots of Pugs - Tattooed by Matthew Hockaday at Dixie tattoo Co. in Michigan, USA
Tattooed by Adam at Loco-Motive Tattoo
Arm Pug Tattoo - Tattooed by David Daniels at The Cat with the Tat in Brigg
Babushka Pug - Tattooed by Joe Ayala at Aces Tattoos
Daruma Pug - Tattooed by Alvaro Contreras
Sherlock Pug - Tattooed by Glen Davis (In Progress)
Lolita the Pug - Tattooed by Mark Lonsdale at Collective Tattoo Bondi Junction, Sydney, Australia
Jessica's Ares the 'Lucky Pug' - Tattooed by Matt Brotka at Salvation Tattoo in Richmond, VA, USA
Pug Puppy -Tattooed by Joe Ellis at Lab Monkey in Stirling, Scotland.
Tattooed by Curt at Crimson Empire Tattoo in Edmonton, Albera
Tattooed by Jason Dombrosky at Fallen Angels X13 studios
Edgrr Allan the Pug - Tattooed by Jason at Lady Luck Tattoo
Monster the Pug - Tattooed by Doc Cooper at Saint Tattoo
Megain's Lucky Pug - tattooed by Lauren B at Tower Classic
Smoking Pug in a Suit - Tattooed by Manu Londono of Wild Cat Percing & Tattoo in Denmark
Tattooed by Justin Dion from Portland, USA
Sofia the Pug by Matthew Longo at Liquid Design Tattoo in West Warwick Rhode Island USA
Gypsy the pug - Tattooed by Josh Pallesen at Power Tattoo
Beautiful Pug on Rebecca's Wrist
Tattooed by Lee Rudeboy Reynolds of Rude Studios in Leeds
Black Pug Portrait - Tattooed by Alex Trufant at Trufant Bros Tattoo in San Angelo, TX, USA
Keepers of the Faith - Tattooed by Elmer Fudd Rodriguez at Golden State Tattoo
Tattooed by Tracy D of Kings Cross Tattoo Parlour
King Pug - Tattooed by Jade Baxter Smith of Twisted By Design Tattoo
'Pug Fiction' - Tattoo of Matt's pug Doug, Tattooed by Cecil Porter whilst doing a guest spot at Thou Art
Ashley and Ell Gee - Tattooed by Rich D at Big Deluxe in SLC, Ut & Las Vegas, Nv.
Frodo the Pug - Tattooed by Patrick Adams at Underworld Ink
 Tattooed by Casey Olejniczak
Louise Nicklin's Pug, Marlee - Tattooed by Toni Gwilliam
 Tattooed by John Guzman at No Hard Felings Tattoo Gallery in Coral Springs, Florida, USA
Pug Portrait Tattoo by Anne Morando at Adorn Body Art
Pug n' Rose - Tattooed by Chris Strik from Australia
Pug with a Bow Tie - Submitted by Hebe Imogen Young from Kent, UK
Bebop the Pug -  Tattooed by Tyler Densley at Cathedral Tattoo
Tattoo of Kitty's her pug, Tattooed by Greg Scott from Cock a Snook, Newcastle, UK
Ignatz  & Hamlet -  Tattooed by by Michelle at Fun City Tattoo in New York, USA
Tattooed at Beyond DMT Tattoo in Buffalo, New York, USA
Tattooed by  Leah Moule at Spear Studio in Birmingham, UK
Tattooed at Tattooed Lady Body Art in Manchester, UK
Pug Life -  Tattooed by Eva of Canday Cane Art in Netherlands
Girly Pug - Tattooed by Ondine at Living Colour Tattoo Studio in Norfolk, UK
Pug Vs. Boston Terrier -  Tattooed by Vinny Romanelli at Red Rocket Tattoo, New York, US
Pug the Russian Doll - Tattooed by Brian Russell at Iron Anchor Tattoos
Tattooed by Russell White at Low Tide Tattoos, Jessup, Maryland, USA
Horror Themed Tattoo of Emma's beloved pug 'Frankie-Stein' - Tattooed by Amanda Cain at Green Lotus, Melbourne, Australia
Bubu the hungry Pug - Tattooed by Javi Bujia, Barcelona, Spain
Tattooed by Josh Adams at Rise Above Classic Tattoing, Buffalo, New York, US
Tor's fur kids, George & Frida - Tattooed by Christian banks at  Blue Lotus Tattoos, Worcester, UK
Arm Pug Tattoo by Mario in Tempe, Arizona, US: Check him out at
Graduation Pug - Tattooed by Joel Menter at Hyperion Tattoo in Buffalo, NY, USA
Michelle and Jake's matching tattoo of their lovely pug, Gadget, Tattooed by Jose at True Blue Tattoos
Tattooed by Andrew McNally @ Northside Private Rooms in Newcastle, UK
Tattooed by Andrew McNally @ Northside Private Rooms in Newcastle, UK
Tattooed by Andrew McNally @ Northside Private Rooms in Newcastle, UK
Smoking Pug - Tattooed by Amy Savage at Jayne Doe Tattoo
Tattooed by James Cadwell at Shanty Tattoo in Buckeye, AZ, USA
Viking Pug - Tattooed by Jessi Cramer at Jesters Court in Pennsylvania
Memorial Tattoo of Two Pugs which tragically died in a house fire.
- Lady Pugadalupe - Submitted by Robert
Tattoo of Whitney's beloved pug Frankie in a spaceship, Tattooed by Wil at Randy Adams tattoos