Pug Tattoo Story – Sweet Little Odo

A lovely story of Odo the Pug and his owner Amanda who now has a beautiful pug tattoo of Odo on her thigh.

My sweet little baby Odo…the song first time ever I saw your face is so fitting for the moment I first set my eyes on Odo. My friend Micheal G brought Odo into the room, I fell to my knees tears rolling down my face he was so beautiful.

He came running over to me his little bum wriggling like mad, I placed Odo in my arms, the love I was feeling was something new to me I have never felt this sort of love before. I knew from that moment Odo would change my life forever. Odo was the most caring and loving little baby in fact that is what he thought he was, never once did he think he was a dog bless him (hehehehe) he brought us years of happiness and love we will never forget.

Odo went on to be the most caring and loving stud muffin. He treated his girls with so much love and affection, Odo was blessed with many daughters and sons. Odo’s children live on in many loving homes and I know they will just be has caring and loving as Odo.

We were inseparable the love we had for each other was so deep and loving, my poor husband had to come second for his little cuddles (bless him). I speak to Odo every day and miss him so so much, my heart is broken. His beautiful face and character with never ever be forgotten.

My special poem for my sweet baby Odo:

“He’ll come no longer to my call retrieve no more his favorite ball
A voice far greater then my own has called him to his golden throne
Although my eyes are filled with tears I thank Odo for the happy years
He let him spend down here with me and for his love and loyalty

When it’s time for me to go and join Odo there, this much I know
I shall not fear the transient dark for Odo will be there to greet me
with his bark.”

Odo my baby, one day we will be together again forever

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One thought on “Pug Tattoo Story – Sweet Little Odo

  • What a beautiful story and memory. What studio was this tattoo of Odo done at? Name and location and state. I live in Houston TX but I will travel anywhere and this is the exact same kind of artwork style I want done for my cats Sassy and Gizmo. Its simply beautifully done and everything I’ve ever wanted in a tattoo. The soul in the eyes, the style, the colors etc.

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