Pug Tattoo Story – Jessica’s Very Own Lucky Pug

As all pug owners know, pugs are caring and comforting dogs. Here we have a great story, which shows how true this is to the point of the owner, Jessica had her pug, Ares tattooed on her. We really love this tattoo and story, and we’re sure you will too!

My name is Jessica Schreiber and I got the tattoo from Matt Brotka at Salvation Tattoo in Richmond. Ares was a total impulse by in March 2012 and it was true love ever since. I struggle with depression and his unconditional love helps me deal with it, even when my medications don’t so I thought that a tattoo for him would be perfect as my first highly visible tattoo. It was done on the inside of my upper arm so it’s still not overly visible with my arms by my side. One of the most thought out and carefully done aspects of the tattoo is that the tablet Ares is holding actually says his name in Japanese. Matt also made sure to make the face of my lucky pug look like Ares’ face, by looking a picture that I took when Ares was around 5 months old.

The picture of Jessica’s tattoo can be found Here.

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