Four Pawesome Pug Blogs you should check out

So there are both good and bad in everything and this is no different when it comes to pug blogs. We see loads of awesome pug blogs and check them out, but at the same time, there are some that are not so great too. So here are five super cool pug blogs you should check out.

1. Bah Humpug

With cute and quirky illustrations, Bah Humpug blog tells about the artist’s everyday life, living with her two pugs, which we can somewhat relate to as pug owners. Some of the topics covered include our entire phone photo gallery being dominated by our pug photos, and how having a great hoover is so important when living with the all-year round shedding pug. Agree with these? Yeah then you will love this pug blog. The blog gets updated pretty frequently and we very much enjoy reading these articles.

2. Pugs in Clothes

Okay so not all pug owners enjoy dressing up their pugs, but looking at them always brings us so much joy. So if you ever wonder what a duck faced pug, an iPhone pug, Elvis pug and a commander pug would look like, this is the right place for you so head yourself over!

3.Pugs and Kisses

Pugs and Kisses is a blog about four super clever, cute and generally awesome pugs, Oliver, Clara, Riley and Gretta. You will find lots of pictures and videos of these four happy pugs dressed up in cute outfits. Amazing stuff!

4 Pug Fanatic

A pug blog sharing fun facts and anything else relating to pugs. A perfect website for all the pug obsessed who, for example, want to discover movies with pugs in or just want see cute and funny pug videos & pictures. Also the creator of this website, Ashley, has a really really awesome pug tattoo, which is featured on our website. Check out her Pug Karajishi tattoo here. So that’s also amazing 🙂

Do you think there’s another pug blog websites that we should check out? Let us know in the comments!

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