Rib Pug Tattoos


In this section of our tattoo gallery, you will find awesome pug tattoo photos, which have been kindly submitted by pug lovers who have their pug tattoos located on their rib area. The rib is know to be one of the more tender spots to get tattooed but they look awesome, and we think some of the best pug or dog tattoos are often found in this area. So if you can bear the pain we salute you!

Side pug tattoo by Jesska Crystalball of Bondi Ink
On Leah Burbank. Artist: Fabiola Correa of Oak & Puppy, original design by Gemma Gene
Side Pug Tattoo inspired by Gemma Gene
RIP Morgan the Pug - artist: Patrick Cornolo, Speakeasy tattoo Chicago
Rib Pug Tattoo on Dirceu Gomes
Pug and Cat - submitted by Lesley
on: Sebastian Davidson
Pug Bride of Frankenstein
Artist: Fernando Shimizu, Sao Paulo, Brazil
Origami Pug Tattoo on IG - @victoriaals
King and Queen Pug - by Michie Kojima of Sacred Heart Tattoo in Vancouver, BC
Artist - Frank La Natra of Into the Woods Gallery, FL, USA
Artist: Mike Austin of Custom Tattoos
On Sabrina from NY, Tattooed by Megan Massacre of the Wooster Street Social Club (aka NY Ink)
Pug Karajishi - Tattooed by Ishmael Johnson of Scrimshaw Tattoo, Fort Collins, CO
Tattooed by Charlie Hagenbach at 570 tattooing co, USA
Buddy the Pug - Submitted by Colin from Virginia
A tattoo of Melanie's pug Skoal. Tattooed by Jason Feuerstein at Nothing to Lose Tattoo.
A tattoo of Kalyn's beloved pug, 'Gypsy', tattooed by Josh Krogman - "A friend is one who knows you and loves you just the same"
A tattoo of Kalyn's beloved pug, 'Gypsy', tattooed by Josh Krogman - Close Up
Pug Buddha - Tattooed by Marcus at Full Circle Tattoo
Submitted by Mike Tea from Melbourne, Australia