This Pug Frying Pan is All You Need for Pancake Day This Year

OK, so officially it’s called Shrove Tuesday, but the UK has a slightly cooler name for this day – Pancake Day or Pancake Tuesday where it is traditional to eat pancakes as a meal. Pancake Tuesday is always 47 days before Easter Sunday, and this year it is on Tuesday 5th March.

To make this day even more exciting for those live int he UK and Ireland, Asda are now selling pug frying pans, manufactured by Tafal, to cook your perfect pancake!

The red spot in the middle turns red when the pan is hot enough to start cooking. Although Asda says on their website: “Tefal Graphics is the perfect pancake pan to cook delicious golden pancakes with your children while having fun.”, I’m sure it will be fun for all pug lovers of all ages.

You can buy this pug frying pan Here.

asda pug pancake frying pan front

asda pug pancake frying pan back

asda pug pancake frying pan overview

(Image source: ASDA)

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