How to Prepare for Disasters and Emergencies for Dogs [Infographic]

We are sure you agree with us and recognize that it seems to be almost every day now or at least every week that we are turning on the news to hear about another natural disaster or emergencies that have arisen as a result of human error or conflict.

Just recently in the UK, life was brought to a standstill for a lot of people because of a short lasting but devastating snowstorm. Many people were without milk, bread and electricity and the gas supply were threatened too. It seems that as modern as the times are that we are living in, we still haven’t perfected ways to deal when things go wrong beyond our control.

This is why it makes the timing of sharing a brand new infographic put together by the team behind the website Pooching Around, an insightful resource for dog owners. It tackles the subject of preparing for emergencies in a very clear and concise manner.

Rather than bogging you down with facts and figures, that you probably don’t need to know anyway, it gets down to the important stuff regarding what you should store away for your dog’s survival kit through emergency situations.

Anyone reading this that has ever been displaced, even for a very short time, and had to flee from their home for the safety of themselves and their family, will probably testify to the fact that it can be a devastating experience, both physically and mentally for all involved. You often hear victims caught up in emergencies saying in the media that they had been more prepared for those kinds of situations.

Although no one can say for certainty weeks or months in advance that there will be a natural disaster or some kind of terror attack as we know that these things can happen, which is why this survival kit is perfect. In a similar way to a go-bag, the survival kit will help you keep your animal alive, healthy and calm even through the worst situations you can imagine.

It includes not only the usual stuff you would expect from a go-bag contents guide, such as how much food and water to pack but goes deeper and outlines important documentation that it would be good to have a copy of. You may not have the luxury of visiting your regular vets in an emergency. In fact, you may have to cope with visiting a makeshift vet’s practice in a different setting. This is why you should keep a copy of medical records for your dog and the prescriptions and medications they are currently on, so that wherever the vet looking at your animal is based – whether it is in a shelter or a school being used as a place of refuge, they will be able to get the help you need as soon as possible.

Pooching Around’s infographic is very pertinent and timely to our modern lives and could help make the difference between your family and the family pet surviving through an emergency situation and not.

Dog survival kit inforgraphic

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