Tips on Choosing the Right Bed for Your Pet

Like any devoted cat or dog owner, you surely want to provide your beauty with the best comfort. Choosing a cozy pet bed is one of the crucial things that will help your furry friend rest undisturbed in its personal space. I will give you five essential tips on choosing the right bed for your pet to help you make the right decision effortlessly.

Right Bed Size

Whether you have a cat or a dog, the first decision you need to make is about the pet bed’s size. Even though your pet should have enough space to stretch if it wants to, an oversized bed can make it unsettling.

Therefore, you need to measure your furry freind before determining adequate bed dimensions, including its length and weight. It won’t be a big deal with a dog, but you should choose a moment when your kitty is calm and in a good mood to do such a thing.

Keep in mind that you should choose a sizable bed with a thicker cushion if you have a large dog breed. Otherwise, the mattress will wear out and become flat quickly.

If you own multiple cats like me, think about their preferences. For instance, our three beauties often ignore their cozy beds and prefer snuggling together. Therefore, I needed to buy an extra-large pet bed for them and one more for our dog.

Now, all of them take a nap in one of them while another one stays empty, which makes me laugh over and over again. If you have ‘normal’ pets, you may consider having more than one bed to provide a separate space for each one.

Pet’s Health Needs

As you can expect, a healthy young dog has different needs than a senior one. If you have a pet with arthritis, moving difficulties, or joint pain, you should consider an orthopedic bed with multiple layers. It should be easily accessible to provide your furry friend with maximum comfort and support.

On the other hand, you should choose a bed with lumbar support to ease your pet’s pain if you have a senior pet. Don’t forget to buy a liquid and stain-resistant layer if your furry friend has an issue with unpleasant accidents during sleep. Furthermore, a lot of dogs can develop orthopedic problems as they get older, and getting an Orthopedic Dog Bed can make sure your dog is getting a good night’s sleep.

Nowadays, you can also find a pet bed with heating systems. Some models come with cushions you can heat in a microwave, while others run on electricity. A warm bed can be soothing and help your dog sleep.

Pet’s Habits

No one knows your pet’s personality, habits, rituals, and daily behavior better than you do. Therefore, you should consider all circumstances before buying a proper pet bed.

frenchie sleeping

For example, my lovely kitty prefers crawling into closets, hiding under a bed and sleeping in covered places where she feels safe and protected. She enjoys sleeping in a hooded bed or cozy Cat Cave.

Some feline pets sit all day by the window and watch the outside world. If your cat is one of those animals, choose a bed that you can mount on the window sill. The ideal option for a dog enjoying spending time in your backyard is a weather-resistant bed. So, you should choose a model for both outside and inside use and move it when needed.

If you have a new pet, the best option is to pick out a covered bed since it provides the necessary protection in new surroundings. Both puppies and kittens adapt better if they have a place that belongs only to them.

One more thing! If your dog has a bad habit of gnawing your furniture or your cat tends to sharpen its claws on it, you should pick out a bed resistant to their mischief. An excellent option for the dog is a model with a rubber part, while your cat may enjoy a wool bed.

Washable Cover

Most pets shed their fur, especially in the spring and fall. This then makes their sleeping area full of hair, even if you vacuum them daily. Such a space can cause the development of bacteria which could be harmful to your pet’s health. Plus, it smells unpleasant, which will affect the freshness of your home.

So, it would help if you chose an easy-to-clean model. Most small-size beds fit in a washing machine while bigger ones come with a removable cover, making washing much more comfortable.

Your Taste

whichever pet bed you decide to buy will become a part of your home. Therefore, you should think about the design that matches your home decor and your taste. It is really not complicated to find a perfect model with various materials and colors available nowadays.

If you live in a small apartment, you should choose a dog bed that fits a corner you don’t regularly use. On the other hand, it is practical to put a cat bed under your desk or on the top of the couch where your kitty feels comfy.

Lastly, don’t forget to plan your shopping budget. An average pet bed costs approximately $20, but the prices may vary depending on the design, size, and manufacturer. Another option, if you are creative, would be to check out DIY ideas online. You could potentially make a soft and comfortable unique, custom bed for your furry friend on your own.


Choosing the right pet bed is a challenging task. You need to determine the proper size and think about your pet’s personality and habits. At the same time, it is necessary to choose a design that fits your space and furniture. In any case, your goal is to make your pet happy by providing it with a cozy and safe space to sleep.

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