What To Gift Your Dog at Christmas in 2020?

It’s that time of the year again! Christmas is just around the corner, and if there’s one present on everyone’s mind – it is present (pun absolutely intended). Nothing beats the thrill of unwrapping the gifts we receive from our loved ones.

The same feeling is shared by our fluffy friends. Every time we see our dogs, we’re one puppy-face away from emptying our pockets to give them the treat that puts that cheeky grin on their face. You might’ve regretted giving out gifts to certain folks in your life, but there’s no way you will ever regret making your pup happy with a gift!

When we think of getting something for our dogs, the possibilities are endless. Should you give them a treat they can devour on the spot, or should you get them something that can stay for a while?

Luckily, we’ve managed to compile a list of gifts that owners from around the world have suggested to us. Read on to learn more about some of the greatest gifts you can give to your canine companion.

Personalized Pet Necklace

Much like us, dogs love having things that are specifically theirs. Rarely do we see dogs without their favorite toys – you might’ve even seen dogs throwing tantrums once they are separated from them.

What better way to give them a customized gift than by giving them a personalized pet necklace they can flaunt in the dog park? If it happens that your pup is new to the family, there’s a good chance you haven’t named them yet. If this is the case – fret not!

Naming your pups isn’t as easy as it seems. Experts from Petplace have gathered a list of cute pet names, and depending on the breed, you’re sure to find a suitable name as you surely don’t want to name your monstrous-looking pit bull – Barbie!

Scented Toy

One thing that every dog loves is to munch on things (not necessarily food) that smell familiar to them. Have you ever asked yourself why dogs seem to never get bored with licking and playing with bones you give them? It’s because—and you might not have noticed this—the bone has a distinct smell to it.

They can go for days licking that one piece of bone, but we all know things can get pretty messy – especially if you’re allowing them to bring the bone inside. To help combat this and to make a more robust bone-like toy, experts have created toys that feel and smell like actual bones.

You can get toys with flavors ranging from peanut butter to chicken. Get your pup one of these bad boys and save yourself the trouble of cleaning up the mess every time you throw them a bone!

Matching Pyjamas

Nothing can go wrong with getting your dog some pyjamas that match yours. You might want to opt for a soft cotton pyjama as your pup might get irritated by other types of fabrics.

Treat Toys

Depending on the life you lead, your daily schedule might not allow you to share some quality time with your dog. This can be a tad problematic as dogs need to be trained properly, and most importantly – they need to feel happy around the household.

The best way to make this happen without going out of your way to make time is to get an automated treat toy. They come in different shapes and forms, but we suggest you get one with a rounded bottom. They’re excellent for wobbling around while your dog paws at it.

If they happen to paw it at the right angle, the toy will dispense treats of your choice, and all in all, this makes for a content, obsessed doggo!


Every dog is beautiful in its own way. As they age, they lose some of their magic in the looks department and may no longer look as cute and energetic as they were in their prime.

One way to preserve their beauty for years to come is to have an illustrator draw a portrait of them and hang it in your home. This will make sure that your pup’s charm will stay intact.

Smart Dog Collar

Let’s admit it! Every dog owners’ nightmare is the thought of their dog getting lost. Once a dog joins a family, they immediately become a part of it, and losing them is as horrific as it sounds.

If you stroll around your city, there is a good chance you’ll pass by a ‘lost dog’ poster, as this happens far more frequently than you’d expect. Fortunately, experts have come up with the ingenious invention of smart dog collars.

Using GPS technology, the smart collar tracks the location of your pup, and you can set it up in a way that whenever the dog travels outside the safe zone, you’ll get an alert.

Pet Couch

If you think that you’re the only one who enjoys a good crashing-on-the-couch session – think again! Dogs are highly territorial, and they absolutely love having spots that are only theirs.

This is quite noticeable when you see dogs running straight to their personal favorite spot. You can take this up a notch and get your dog a pet couch, and if you want to go further than this, have it custom-made with the photo of their face on it.


There is great merit in giving your dog a gift they can enjoy. Not only will they be able to play around with it, but you can use it as an incentive to train them properly as they’re most responsive to things they enjoy.

There is no question that your dog will love and appreciate the gift you get them, but at the end of the day, what matters most to them is that you love them and you treat them with great affection. You don’t need us to tell you that surely if your dog could, they would give you the world as a gift.

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