My Experience With an Animal Communicator / Pet Psychic, Nancy Mello

Getting in touch with an animal psychic isn’t something I have ever really considered or actually thought about before, but when Nancy Mello contacted me I decided to have an open mind and give it a go. I was also really curious to find out what she could offer.

I sent a photo of my two pugs, Mylo and Saru (who passed away last year) and over a video call, Nancy began to tell me the thoughts she was getting from just the photo of my dogs.

To find out what happened during the session, you can read Nancy’s post below.

“With just a photo, I suddenly saw an image in my mind: Mylo was licking himself, almost uncontrollably. I mentioned as much to the owner, who peered at me from 1000 miles away in the Google chatroom. He smiled back and nodded. “I’m incredibly messy” I heard in my mind, as I connected in with Mylo the pug. I then saw an image in my mind of the sweet older Pug eating his food, and not keeping much in his bowl. I once again relayed the information to the owner, who answered that Mylo was indeed, a messy eater.

Receiving messages from animals is similar to meditation. My mind is clear. Each image and thought that flows through, I trust to be true, and I relay it to my client. It’s similar to translating a foreign language. Cats and dogs, do not communicate in the way that we consider language. They communicate through images and simple words and emotions. In the over 200 cats and dogs (plus 2 macaws, 1 groundhog, and 1 squirrel) I’ve read in the last five months, I’ve learned that they appear to have an innate understanding of life, death and God. I have sat and communicated with several dogs right before they have passed, and not one has expressed a fear of death. Instead, animals understand that death is simply a transition, and let go freely and willingly.

Thankfully, in the conversation I had with Mylo, he didn’t appear to be close to that stage of life yet. Instead, he told me about important things to him: his bed. (“Some kind of white or beige” I picked up. The owner informed me the bed was indeed a cream color.) He told me he hates the shampoo that the owner gives him for his skin and that it “stinks” (“I think it smells nice!” the owner retorted, to which I explained that dogs roll in who-knows-what is in the grass because of the smell, so they DEFINITELY have a different idea of what smells good.)

Mylo shared that he shares a home with two kids. (To which the owner asked, “How did you know I had two kids?” before remembering he was speaking to an animal psychic.)
“The kids annoy me” the thought flowed into my conscience and I relayed. “Yeah. He walks away from the kids.” the owner replied with a laugh.

Mylo’s most pressing need though, was that he suffers from an allergy- food and specifically, corn or something similar (wheat?) I advised the owner to get Mylo checked out at the Vet for allergies, as they can be hard to diagnose but can leave a pet agitated and “grumpy.”
Throughout the reading, I took notes, writing things down even when they didn’t make sense to me or odd words. It’s amazing how many times I find those odd words will come back to make sense to the owner at a later time.

We then moved on to the sweet Pug named Saru, who passed last year. Using just a photo and her name, she immediately connected to me. She showed me how she passed, what precluded her passing, and what she knew her owner had worried about ever since. She told me her favorite thing in life was to get her chin scratched, and that food and debris would get stuck under it. She loved being right by her family’s side, wherever that may be, including the car. She was dominant over Mylo, but loyal and loving to the kids. She was still very much alive in a different sense, still watching over her family and happy to give them a message to let them know she was safe and sound.

mylo saru pug woods

Pugs, like other breeds, have their own unique traits as a breed but also as individual dogs. The personalities can vary, and (from my experience as an animal intuitive) they are born with it similar to how we are born with our own uniqueness. I have communicated with six-week-old puppies of the same breed who were as different as could be. It is shaped just as our personality is shaped- by experiences. One young puppy I communicated with, hated all of the “hands that were around me.” (People that were looking at the dog to adopt.) On the other hand, my own cattle-dog/hound mix Domino, wanted nothing more than to be held when we met her at 8-weeks-old.

As a pet psychic/animal intuitive, sometimes understanding a dog’s upbringing can help the owner train and communicate with the dog more effectively. For instance, a dog that has been abused may not like loud noises or certain people. Knowing these things, the bond between dog and owner can grow even deeper with the acknowledgement of the dog’s autonomy.
I also help with pet training. Your pug may not like the treats you are giving them, or find another reward more worthwhile. (One dog asked for “grilled chicken” as a reward, and the owner just laughed. They had cooked grilled chicken the night before and not let the dog have any.) Little nuggets of information can go a long way from a dog’s perspective in better behavior.

Sometimes, just connecting with a pet that has passed over can do the heart a world of good. I customize each reading to the need of each individual client, and maintain flexibility in what may come up during the reading. One time, a twenty-minute reading to help with a dog’s behavior turned into an hour. I’m happy to report the dog is now flourishing, because we took the extra time to focus on what it needed.

Whatever needs or comments your dog may have, I’m happy to help translate their thoughts and feelings so you can have a deeper bond and a happier pup.”

My Thoughts

It was definitely an interesting and pleasant experience for me and I was amazed how accurate some of the things Nancy had pointed out were and so specific. It is certainly not a “black-and -white” subject and I’m sure many would just completely dismiss the idea of speaking with an animal psychic. However, from my session with Nancy, and also reading some of the testimonials, I would tell anyone to be open-minded about this and reach out to Nancy if you are interested in a pet reading! Here are some of the ways you can get in touch with Nancy:

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