7 Possible Side Effects of CBD for Dogs

Cannabis production and consumption are exponentially increasing year after year and the applications extend far beyond human benefits. CBD is becoming an increasingly popular compound among pet owners who would like to use it to calm their dogs during thunderstorms or in other anxiety-generating situations, curb their pain, and improve their appetite.

As CBD is a safe, natural compound for your pet and given the ingredient is relatively new to dogs, they may initiate some side effects.

Many a time, the recommended dosages on the packaging of cannabis oil or treats for pets are not the same for every species of dog, leading to an overdose. Sometimes it could be the interaction of CBD with some existing medication or a possible allergic reaction from some other ingredients of the CBD product you are using.

Here are seven possible CBD side-effects you need to watch out for in your dog.

1. Diarrhea and Digestion Problems

Probably the most common side effect of overdosing or the body rejecting CBD in your pet is diarrhea. Dogs digestive systems and immune systems are relatively stronger than that of humans, so it takes a large dose or another complication to cause such an issue. Make sure that you confirm whether CBD is the cause of this condition.

Dehydration is also a common cause of diarrhea. Sometimes the preservatives or additives in the CBD product could lead to such side effects. Hence, read the label to access if any ingredients may initiate an allergic reaction. Try to use pure CBD oil or tincture to determine if the same effects continue. That’s why we trust CBDfx tincture and other pet products.

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Diarrhea or digestive problems can have a huge impact on the health of your pet. They will feel worn out, dehydrated, or suffer from loss of appetite post such incidents, which can be difficult for them to cope.

If this happens to your dog, make sure you provide lots of water, quality pet food and care for them. It is especially important for younger pups, for whom this experience might be new, and thus frightening.

Diarrhea will typically stop once you eliminate CBD from their diet. If it persists, then consult your veterinarian along with the medical history to understand ways to treat your dog.

2. Vomiting

Like diarrhea, vomiting is another side effect that indicates an overdose of CBD. It could also be due to your pup not liking the bitter taste of CBD. Sometimes interaction of other medications with CBD can also initiate such effects.

You can buy treats that come containing CBD, making it tastier and thus easier for it to consume. They also contain recommended dosage based on your pet`s size or age, making it appropriate to consume.

Consult a vet before starting the dosage of CBD on your dog, especially if they are under any ongoing medications to avoid any interaction between the two.

3. Tremors

CBD is a well-known neurological stimulant. It calms the nerves and provides relaxation to the user, be it a dog or human.

But sometimes a high dose of CBD or the presence of even trace amounts of THC in the product could cause tremors, especially in younger dogs. Make sure to note the behavior and movement of your pet to look for signs of tremors while they relax or sit beside you.

You can try reducing the dosage of CBD or include CBD isolate products that don’t contain even traces of THC.

4. Dizziness

Most CBD products for dogs contain trace amounts of Tetrahydro cannabidiol (THC). However, it can still lead to dizziness in some pets since it directly affects the nervous system by calming it.

This side effect is noticeable in your dog as they may have trouble getting up following a rest after a CBD dosage. They might also walk oddly with no sense of balance, tilt their head, have irregular eye movements, and be disoriented.

If, after CBD consumption, you notice reduced energy in your dog compared to its regular activeness, it’s best to reduce the dosage or halt the consumption altogether. You can also try other CBD products without THC to offer the benefits of the cannabinoid without side effects.

5. Drowsiness

CBD is slowly becoming a common treatment to ease panic and anxiety disorders in dogs. Many pet owners are trusting premium CBD infused pet products to bring comfort to their dogs.

But the calming and relaxing benefits of CBD could be quite intense for your dog, making them lethargic and unusually sleepy. Common signs of anxiety include whining, spontaneous defecation or urination, tremors, or having an elevated heart rate even while resting.

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CBD can ease the effects of these triggers in anxious pets and make them feel secure and comfortable. However, drowsiness associated with CBD-infused anxiety medications is quite common.

So, it’s best to keep a close eye on your dog to see if it has started sleeping a lot more or is generally lazy after consumption of CBD. It’s a sign that the CBD dosage should be reduced to counter the ailment without causing your pet to feel uncomfortable.

6. Urinating Inconsistently

Another sign to look for is the frequency and color of urination after your dog consumes CBD in any form. Too much CBD can temporarily cause blockages in the bladder, which leads to inconsistent urination. It could affect the nutrition absorption and waste elimination from their body and increase stress on many organs.

Also, since pure CBD is seldom completely filtered in the body and doesn’t get properly absorbed in many cases, your dog’s urination color might change. It could be the color of the CBD consumed or any added dye present in the product.

Watch out for these signs, especially in younger dogs that have a sensitive system and might suffer from urinary complications due to the cannabinoid.

Urinary incontinence is also a side effect of consuming a higher amount of CBD. If your well- mannered dog starts to urinate in odd places and seems to lose bladder control, try to reduce the CBD dosage.

7. Dry Mouth

The most common side effect of consuming CBD oil orally is having a dry mouth. Dogs face this problem since CBD naturally inhibits saliva production. While drooling is not a great sign of health and could indicate dental problems, a dry mouth can affect their chewing and swallowing.

Keep a lookout for changes in patterns of water consumption of your dog. If they tend to drink too much water immediately after a CBD dosage or suffer from dry mouth, reduce the dosage accordingly.

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It is imperative to keep good dental hygiene for your dog to ensure their dry mouths are not increasing the chances of dental infections. Consider brushing their teeth and having frequent dental checkups to prevent oral issues or diseases.

Generally, dry mouth is the most common side effect in animals and you should talk to your vet if the problem persists.


Try to invest in high-quality, organic CBD products like InnovetPet to reduce the risk of side effects. Buy products with third-party test labels to understand the cannabinoid constituents of the product and try to avoid THC as much as possible.

Record your pet’s response to CBD at least for a few days to understand the interaction of the compound with their body. With careful administration and proper dosage levels, CBD can be a beneficial compound for your pet’s health.

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