What Is A Micro Bernedoodle?

Most micron bernedoodle enthusiasts describe this dog breed with affectionate terms such as goofy, clever, gentle, and loyal. In a layman’s language, micro bernedoodle primes a fine combination of Bernese mountain dog and Poodle parents. Unfortunate for the poor furry creatures, they are perceived as a designer breed. If you’re looking to purchase a Bernedoodle, check out Central Illinois Doodles.

Bernedoodle Overview

There’s no denying that the Micro Bernedoodle is a lovable companion dog breed. They have the innate intelligence of their poodle heritage while picking up the goofy and charming temperament from the Bernese mountain dogs. It’s essential to mention that the micro bernedoodle is at the best of their spirits when socializing with their family. They come off as extremely friendly and typically maintain a playful relationship with children.

Personalities aside, the micro bernedoodle breed can vary in appearance. To put it simply, the micro bernedoodle breed doesn’t have a fixed appearance- they can have either a curly, straight or wavy coat. The picture is similar when it comes to their color.

However, they can be primarily sorted into three size categories- tiny, miniature, and standard when it comes to their structuring. It’s essential to mention that their parents, especially the poodles, primarily influence their physical size and structure.

First-time bernedoodle owners must find great comfort in the fact that Micro Bernedoodles are reasonably adaptable and enjoy living without any unnecessary fuss. Furthermore, it’s the smaller-sized Bernedoodles that make the better canine pet than their standard micro Bernedoodles. Lastly, it’s only fair to mention that the micro bernedoodle have very minimal workout needs. Hence taking them out for a short walk at least once a week is perfectly good for their health.


As mentioned earlier, the micro bernedoodle family can be classified into three size groups- tiny, miniature, and standard. This is greatly influenced by their Poodle parent, which can be either of three size variants.

For an astute understanding, the tiny micro bernedoodle may come at a rough height of 12 to 17 inches tall while comfortably weighing 10 to 24 pounds. Up next, the Miniature Micro Bernedoodle will come with an 18 to 22 inches tall standing while weighing a rough 25 to 49 pounds. Finally, the Standard Micro Bernedoodle will stall tall at 23 to 29 inches with a combined weight of 70 to 90 pounds.

It is also necessary to point out that the Male micro bernedoodle tends to be larger than their female counterparts.

Bernedoodle Personality & Characteristics

It is essential to mention that the breed in discussion in this article gets all its happy-go-lucky personalities from their parents, essentially in Bernese mountain dog and Poodle breeds. It is hard to sort and match the different traits with their respective inheritance. However, the individual personalities in this species may vary within each other.

There’s no doubting that mini bernedoodle tends to be extremely smart and intelligent, with a high level of determination for hard work. Moreover, their goofy attitude coupled with valued loyalty makes them a great play buddy for children. Micro bernedoodle has a great personality, which helps them socialize with humans and animals without much hesitation or annoyance.


It is essential to mention that both the likes of tiny and miniature micro bernedoodle can make great apartment dogs, while the standard micro bernedoodle find the favorable setting in yards. This is primarily due to the formers’ physical structuring. All first-time pet owners must remember that micro bernedoodle are typically calm-minded creatures who need their basic needs catered for a comfortable living.

They find great happiness and enthusiasm by spending time with their family. Hence it would be best if you made available to them to keep them cheerful and happy at all times.

Feeding Your Bernedoodle

There’s no denying that micro-bernedoodle have a highly structured and individualized dietary plan. This is primarily due to their varied physical structure, age and size, along with their activity level. The standard micro bernedoodle typically tends to happy eaters, meaning they will eat anything without sparing a thought. Hence you must maintain constant vigilance to prevent the dog from eating unnecessarily or at odd hours of the day.

Furthermore, you must invest in their training and workout routines to balance out their food intake. It would be best if you asked your veterinarian for dietary recommendations that can contribute to the sound health of your dog.

Coat Grooming & Color

Lastly, it is essential to mention that the micro bernedoodle breed can have a different coat, which can make them look similar to either their poodle parents or the Bernese mountain dog. Most bernedoodle dogs feature curly, wavy coats that tend to shed less. This can be highly convenient for pet lovers who struggle with allergies to dander.

You could either be a family person or a single individual, looking for a happy and cheerful canine buddy who can add joy to your mundane lifestyle. But you are overwhelmed with the wide choice of dog breeds. Your best choice must always include a micro bernedoodle as their antics will guarantee a smile on your face.

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