How to Cherish a Dog Forever

The complete, unconditional love and devotion that dogs shower on you leave a lasting impression long after they’ve traveled over the Rainbow Bridge into canine paradise. You would want to preserve their memory, and the happy moments you spent with them. Pet parents have unique ways to cherish a much-love companion. Here are some ideas you might find interesting.

Commission a Hand-Illustrated Pet Portrait

When you’re scanning through pictures of your time together, some special image might stand out as a reminder of a particular instance. Sometimes, a photo has an entire story behind it. Like, when you brought the little guy a new toy, and they went crazy with joy. Or when you let them try a new pet treat that they couldn’t get enough of. Pick out an image where your furry buddy looks really cute and order hand-illustrated pet portraits. You can contact the artists online and upload the picture along with the frame and background. Set up the artwork as a part of a shrine to your beloved friend in their favorite spot in the house.

Get a Tattoo with Your Pal’s Likeness

A tattoo is a commitment, and it stays with you forever as a sign of your love. Remember how special your small bud was by getting a beautiful pug tattoo. Get in touch with an expert tattoo artist who can capture those big, melting eyes and their expressions perfectly. You could choose to get a decal or a detailed inking with your best bud’s name inscribed below. Or, consider advanced tat designs commemorating a time when your friend was chasing a butterfly or examining your new shoes with complete fascination before chewing them up. If you would prefer something simpler, a pawprint is an excellent choice.

Make a Donation to a Dog Shelter

Only a true dog lover truly understands how incredible these gentle creatures are. The best way to do something special for your friend would be to donate to a charity or a dog shelter in their name. If not monetary, the best contribution would be your time. Spend time with the residents playing with them and giving them all the love your buddy gave you. Bringing old toys, blankets, or water bowls to the shelter is also a kind gesture. When you’re ready, give one of the dogs or cats a new home by adopting them. That’s possibly the best way to remember your little bud.

Plant a Tree

Planting a tree in your dog’s name is one of the best ways to honor their legacy and keep their memory alive forever. You could plant a sapling on the spot where you bury the small buddy. Or, choose a garden or woody area close to your home. Visit the new life when you can and send them warm regards.

Dog parents have different ways to grieve for a furry buddy who has passed on and cherish their memory forever. You can do what makes you happy and preserve their presence in your home.

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