Everything You Need to Know About Biodegradable Dog Toys

Many people across the world have been making small changes to their lives and lifestyles with the intention of doing so to help the earth. We all are aware that the choices we make on a large scale can impact the way our world and earth functions and provides for us as a planet.

Harmful practices and habits have been proven to have the potential to harm the earth and affect its ability to provide a safe home for our society. In order to prevent the change in our climate and environment, companies, individuals, and organizations all over the world have begun stepping forward and encouraging large corporations to make changes to their production and business practices and have encouraged people to make small changes in their lifestyles to help alleviate damage as well.

While most of the harm to the climate and our environment falls on the shoulders of large corporations and businesses, small changes we make in our lives have the ability to help alleviate detrimental change to our world. Whether it’s a first-hand change or reactive change that happens because our refusal to purchase certain products affects the way large corporations produce, it’s all helpful.

Most people are aware of the options to recycle, use fewer plastic bags, drive cars less, and shop for clothes sustainably, but did you know that clothes are not the only item you can purchase sustainably? The items you purchase for your pet to entertain themselves can help change the world as well.

If you have any questions regarding the safety of eco-friendly materials and what materials would be the best fit for your dog breed and size or any other concerns about your pet’s health be sure to reach out to the professionals at buenavet.com.

Biodegradable dog toys are not new, but not everyone may realize what is available. Dog toys are a necessity for most dog owners. They entertain your dog when you need a break and your dog needs to play by themselves and they help create activities and games for you to enjoy together with your pet. Dog toys are necessary for entertainment, teeth and gum health, mental health, and mental development. They help keep your dog’s teeth strong and their mind sharp.

Implementing eco-friendly items into your home and lifestyle can include the items you purchase for your dog — and you do not have to worry about sacrificing entertainment and quality for eco-friendly options. High-quality eco-friendly and biodegradable toys exist and there are plenty of options available for your dog.

And there’s no need to worry about any harmful additives being included in your dog’s biodegradable and eco-friendly toys. They can be made free of hard plastics, vinyl, phthalates, dangerous chemicals, PVC, and BPA. They are safe for your dog and FDA compliant.

What are Biodegradable Dog Toys Made Of?

This is what separates eco-friendly dog toys from those that are not. The materials that they are composed of. The material makes all the difference.

Hemp is an extremely common material used to make biodegradable dog toys because it is 100% biodegradable. The production of hemp removes carbon dioxide from the environment and it is weed resistant. Harsh chemicals do not have to be used in the production of hemp to keep pest plants away. Hemp dog toys can be recycled and are created to be safe and non-toxic for your dog.

That recycled hemp toy can be used to create something new once it has maxed out its potential. Recycled material and recycled plastic are regularly used to create eco-friendly dog toys. Plastic stays on the earth for an extremely long time. It needs to be reused and created into something new. Even though there are materials like hemp that are 100% biodegradable, it’s important to reuse those materials when we can as well. Dog toys made from recycled materials are safe, FDA compliant, and have the ability to gain a new life somewhere else when your dog is done with them.

Bamboo is one of the most eco-friendly materials on the planet. It grows extremely fast and there is no forestry required in the production. We save over 80% of the energy that would be used to grow and produce other materials when we produce and grow bamboo instead. It absorbs carbon dioxide and you can find squeakers knitted together with bamboo material or go all natural with a bamboo chewing stick!

Whatever materials you decide to purchase for your pet’s entertainment do not matter as much as the decision you are making to adjust small parts of your life to help the environment. Whether you choose bamboo, hemp, recycled material, or some other eco-friendly material, your pet will be happy and the earth will be better because of it.

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