What to Consider When Searching for Dog Boarding Services

As the holiday season approaches, you could be planning on traveling without your four-legged furry friend.

In this article, we are going to talk about things to keep in mind when boarding your dog and how it can make that travel away from them just a little bit easier. The information in this article was compiled from one of San Francisco’s best dog walking services, 360 Dog Walker. If you would like to get any further information about dog boarding, we would highly recommend contacting the owner of 360 dog walker, Nancy Bernard by visiting their website.

Traveling with your dog can be really stressful, and oftentimes, the most stressful part is figuring out what you are going to do with them as you prepare for your trip. Picking the wrong dog boarding company can end up with fatal consequences.

Things to consider when boarding your dog

First, you need to consider what kind of boarding you want to do with your dog, and what kind of dog you have. For example, there’s in-home boarding and kennel boarding. Puppies would be a great example of a dog that would probably do better in an in-home boarding situation. Remember each dog is unique and has a personality just like humans. This is why it’s very important for you to consider your dog’s personality above everything else when choosing a dog boarding company for them. One of the worst things that can happen if you choose the wrong boarding company is that your dog’s personality will have changed when you come back to pick them up.

Puppy Boarding

Puppies may not be used to the loud environment and the change of the environment. For example, they don’t have the coping mechanisms to deal with all those changes in all those stressors. Sometimes puppies can have behavior altering experience if they feel overwhelmed in a scenario like that. So, in home boarding it may be the best solution for a puppy.

A very senior dog is another example of dog that may do best in an in-home boarding situation. The older senior dogs that may have lived in a quieter environment over the course of their life may have trouble adjusting to the noise in the activity inside a kennel. So, they may be another consideration for a dog that would be the best suited for in-home boarding.

A kennel on the other hand is a great choice for those dogs that require a little extra exercise. Some kennels offer a board and train program, or a daycare program where your dog can be taken out multiple times over the course of the day. And they can burn off some steam so that they are even more rested overnight.

Regardless of which type of boarding you choose it’s important to ask a few questions of the people who will be looking after your dog.

Questions To Ask When Boarding Your Dog

  1. What will they do if your pet has a medical emergency?
  2. Do you need to provide the veterinary information?
  3. Do you need to provide insurance information?
  4. Where will your dog be kept during the day and during the night?
  5. How much exercise will your dog get during the day?
  6. How many and what kind of dogs will be interacting with yours and what kind of supervision is there during that playtime?
  7. What kind of inoculations do they require for the pet to be under their care?
  8. How big will your dog’s area be?

Will your dog of an individual area be able to adjust and this can be really important for some dogs, because it’s important that they get some time if they are in a really wild and crazy playful environment that they get them a long time that they can just unwind and hang out in their crate or cage.

Also asked what they feed? Some kennels, and system feeding their own food while others allow you to maintain your dog’s current diet. It’s important to choose whatever suits your dog.

Be sure to include a list of instructions for your dog. It can include things like their dietary restrictions, maybe their social restrictions, maybe they shouldn’t be out playing with multiple dogs at the same time. A list of their medications anything you think that the staff should be aware of, make sure you are included in a printed list.


The above-mentioned things should be in mind when you are boarding your beloved pet. Before choosing any boarding company for your dog, make sure to visit them personally and see their environment and services.

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  • You made a good point that I should inquire about how emergency situations are dealt with when planning to get dog boarding services. I’d like to look for a place where my dog can stay soon because I will be having contractors over for some renovation. I think it would be better to sent my pet to a dog boarding facility instead of keeping him in a small room all day to avoid interruptions.

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