7 Reasons Why Dog Crates are Important

Putting a dog in a cage might seem like a very opposing idea for most people. However, pet owners know the very necessity of crate training their dogs and the benefits that it possesses. Crate training your dog does not mean that you put the dog in the cage all the time. Dog crates provide immense security. Below are some fantastic reasons why using a dog crate can be a very beneficial decision.

Used In Toilet Training

Toilet training can be quite a hassle for most pet owners. Crate training your dog would be a major help in this section of your dog’s training. The first thing that a pet owner should do is to know everything there is to know about toilet training their dog from the vet or any other professional. It is a known fact that dogs like to keep the place that they sleep and eat in quite clean. Using a crate would be the perfect way to teach your pet how to control their bowel and bladder. It should start from when they are a pup, but make sure that you do not keep them in the crate for long hours, as puppies have lesser bladder control than grown dogs. Let them out of the crate every few hours and take them to the designated area, so that they learn not to soil all over the house frequently. If he/she has trouble holding their pee due to a medical condition, your vet may prescribe proin for dogs to help.

Keep Belongings Safe

A dog in your house may turn your possessions into a chew toy. Crate training your dog would help you get rid of this issue. You can buy your dog their chew toy, which can be left with them in the crate. These things would have their smell, and they would refrain from chewing your household things or even your things. Whenever you see your dog itching to chew your things, put them lovingly in the crate with their chew toy. This way, the chewing will only be limited to their toys. Though this would not stop the chewing completely, and you would have to keep an eye on your dog, it would save a lot of things in your house.

chihuahua chew toy

Provide Safety at Home

Another major benefit of crate training your dog is that it keeps them safe in different situations. The concern arises when your dog is still a puppy and may fall into situations where they might get hurt. In such cases, you can use a dog crate to keep your puppy safe and secure. If you are about to get busy with some work, make sure that your puppy is completely secured in the crate. However, you would have to train your puppy that the cart is a safe place for them and not a way to keep them separated from you. It is because your puppy can get scared if they do not realize why they are being confined to the crate. Once you finish your work, you can let them go and play with them again.

Security during Travel

One of the major headaches that pet owners face is the way to move their dogs when they are traveling. Pet owners refrain from leaving their pets behind even when they are going on a vacation. In such cases, a dog crate would be a great boon for the pet owners. You can easily transport your dog along with you. If they are kept in the crate, they would be completely secured and you would not have to fear about them suddenly jumping out of the vehicle or on other passengers. The use of a dog crate would also avoid any unnecessary commotion with other passengers, especially if someone does not like dogs.

black dog in car

Recovery from Injury

If your dog has been hurt in an accident or is sick, then dog crates would facilitate them to find some comfort. Make sure that the crate is cozy and secure when you place your dog inside. Your dog would not be able to wander about and hurt them more if they are confined to the crate. Especially if your dog has some physical injury, they should be in the box till they heal. It is because they may engage in play acts if they are kept outside or unsupervised.

Correct their Behavior

Dogs are just like the children of your house – playful and naughty. And just like you punish the children when they make a mistake, you need to punish your dogs as well. It is necessary to train your dog on the difference between right and wrong behavior. Dogs are inherently brilliant, and they would quickly catch up on the actions that you want them to follow. Dog crates could be used as a way to enforce these punishments by keeping them confined when they make a mistake. However, this should not be an everyday thing; otherwise, they might start despising their crate instead of treating it like a haven. Find different ways to show them that you are hurt by their behavior, which is why you are taking the help of the dog crate to isolate them till they understand their mistake.

Easier to Visit the Vet

Taking your pet to the vet would now be a straightforward process. You do not have to worry about how to transport them safely and without any hassle. You can carry them in their crate and avoid any mishaps on the way. Even if your pet is throwing any tantrum during the journey, you can control them properly by keeping them in the cozy environment of the crate.

These are some of the reasons why using a dog crate is very necessary for dog owners. Once you start crate training your dog, you would see that keeping them in the crate for certain hours a day is not such a bad idea as you might have thought and is somewhat helpful for their development.

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