Pug Colors – What Are the Most Common and Rare Pug Dog Colors?

Most of you have seen the face of a pug. They are one of the most recognizable breeds of dogs on the planet. With a face full of wrinkles and one that is flatter than most other breeds, the pug takes on many human facial characteristics. With their great personalities, we all just fall in love with them and they make wonderful additions to any family.

Most people are familiar with their more common fawn color that is highlighted with a black mask. The truth is that while most pugs are fawn, they can come in several other colors too. Pugs can be found in the colors of:

  • Black
  • Silver Fawn
  • Apricot Fawn
  • Brindle
  • Apricot
  • Silver

There are variations in the coat between fawn and apricot or fawn and silver. Therefore, a pug may have a lighter or darker coloring of either apricot or silver.

Which Pug Colors Are More Popular?

As mentioned before, the fawn color variations are the most widely seen. 65% of all pugs are fawn colored. But are they the most desired? Probably not. Trends have pushed breeders to attempt to breed specifically for more silver and brindle pugs as they are less commonly seen.

three fawn pugs outside

People are often filled with a desire to be different and that goes for their dogs too. They prefer a dog that looks a little different and creates more interaction in public. The brindle pug is highly sought after for their beautiful and uncommon brindle coat for this reason.

Breeders also want more amazing facts about brindle pug genes to meet the demand for those puppies in future litters. There is no way to guarantee how many brindle pups might be born in a litter though, despite having the genetics planned out for the possibility.

Brindles, like merle coats, should not be bred together. To restate clearly, a brindle male should not be bred to a brindle female as the occurrence of birth defects can arise as a result. Puppies may have deafness, blindness, and white patches, for instance.

Concerns for and Special Care of Pugs

These little fellows need to be protected from the heat. As mentioned above, they are brachycephalic. This means that their short, flat snout makes it harder for them to breathe.

In hot weather, this can leave these adorable pugs more susceptible to heat exhaustion and heatstroke. It is also worth noting that black pugs can overheat faster than the fawn ones.

A pug should never go outside during the heat of the day to exercise. They should also always be supervised when outdoors. They, like any dog, do enjoy playing and will sometimes overdo. This means that you’ve got to be there to keep them safe.

The fact that they need to be so carefully supervised when exercising and not allowed to get too hot may also lead to a lack of exercise which can easily lead to a lifetime of chubbiness. They love food far more than they like to exercise.

Fantastic Personality

There is no doubt at all that the personality of the pug is what makes them so popular. They are a very comical breed. Their faces are one of the most expressive in the canine world, which helps humans to anthropomorphize them to a great extent.

You don’t have to look far to see a pug dressed as a baby in a stroller, or depicted in art playing cards, smoking a cigar, and clothed like a human. It’s simply easy to see them in human terms. That makes it easy for humans to consider them ‘sarcastic’ or ‘funny’ as we might otherwise describe a person.

They are well-known for getting along with all family members, including children. They can be a bit bossy with other dogs in the household and should be very well-socialized when they are young. The more you socialize, the better your dog will always tend to behave, both with other dogs and with humans.

Socialization helps them understand the social cues necessary to react properly at all times. They will be less prone to anxiety and behavioral problems as they grow up, both things that pugs can develop without proper socialization.

No Matter What Pug Color, You’ll Love Them

They are great for both apartment living or for larger homes. The pug will adapt to his surroundings and love his family. He’ll do best when he is part of your daily life and gets to enjoy your company and your lap.

black pug chewing bone outside

He’ll also be happy to walk along on hikes with you, as long as you don’t overdo the exercise when it’s too hot for him. Take plenty of water and keep him cool.

You’ll also want to take care to bathe your pug regularly and wash his creases very thoroughly as they are prone to collecting bacteria that can lead to skin irritations. Work with your pug from the time they are young to ensure that they understand basic expectations, but don’t expect him to be an obedience star.

Pugs are complex and they enjoy doing things their own way. This can sometimes be seen as stubbornness but it is one of the many traits that pug owners find to be the most endearing.

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