5 Reasons to Feed Your Dog Raw Food

All dog owners want to do the best for their pets, which means it’s important to find the best diet for them. Whether you’re welcoming a new pup into your home or you want to introduce your dog to a new diet, it’s well worth considering raw food. Take a look at some of the benefits a raw dog food diet can offer:

1. Better Immunity

The efficacy of a dog’s (or human’s) immune system depends on its diet. By feeding your pup raw food, you can ensure that they’re getting the protein and amino acids they need to thrive. This enables their immune system to work optimally, which is important if you want to stop your dog from becoming unwell.

The standard dog food you find typically find in shops rarely contains all of the amino acids that a dog needs for optimal health, which is why a raw food diet can be so much better for your pet. Without these natural acids, protein can’t be broken down and used effectively by the body. When you give your pup raw food, you can ensure they get everything they need for their immune system to keep them well-protected.

2. Improved Muscle Tone

When your dog is a healthy weight and has the right amount of muscle tone, it can reduce their risk of developing certain illnesses, such as arthritis or diabetes. As a raw food diet tends to be relatively high in protein, it’s an ideal way to help your dog develop more muscle. Additionally, a protein-rich raw food diet can help your dog to maintain a healthy weight or shed pounds if they need to.

As well as reducing the risk of illnesses, helping your dog to strengthen their muscles can also decrease the risk of them succumbing to an injury. When bones and joints are well-supported by muscles, there’s less chance your pup will hurt themselves while playing or running, for example.

3. It’s Hassle-Free

Many people are wary about a raw food diet because they assume it’s going to involve a lot of work for them or be unpleasant. While there are a fair few unpleasant jobs that you’ll encounter as a dog owner, preparing raw food for your pet isn’t one of them!

When you choose raw dog food from Bella & Link, you can select the optimal food for your pup and have it pre-prepared and delivered right to your door. Frozen and chilled upon arrival, you can store containers in the freezer and simply defrost them one at a time, as required. You can even sign up for a subscription, so you’ll never risk running out of high-quality raw food for your beloved pup. In addition, a raw food diet leads to improvements in what is expelled at the other end. This Bella & Duke shows that 99% of customers saw improvement in their dog’s poo!

4. Reduced Skin Problems

Skin problems are common in dogs and they can often be traced back to what they eat. If a dog has an allergy or intolerance, for example, it might be apparent due to itchy skin or patches of psoriasis. Although itchy and irritated skin can be caused by your dog’s environment, other medical conditions or even stress, food can be a common trigger, so it’s certainly worth investigating.

The grains and lectins found in standard dog food are often the culprits when it comes to itchy skin. Cutting these out with a raw food diet can help to ease your dog’s discomfort. Similarly, avoiding the preservatives and fillers in standard dog food can reduce itchy skin symptoms and make your dog more comfortable.

dog itchy skin

5. Aids Digestion

As well as causing skin problems, the ingredients in standard dog foods can irritate a dog’s digestive tract, leading to IBS-like symptoms. In fact, many dog owners will switch from one standard brand to another and wonder why there’s no improvement. If you’re still using food that contains grains, soy, lectin, and corn, this might be why your dog’s stomach is upset.

By switching to a raw food diet, you can avoid these common triggers. When you opt for high-quality raw food, you won’t be feeding your dog anything unnatural or filling them up with cheap preservatives and sub-par food. Instead, you’ll be giving them the premium quality protein that their bodies are designed to process.

Switching to a Raw Dog Food Diet

If your dog’s been on a kibble-based diet for some time, it can take them a little while to adjust to a new food. However, most dogs are thrilled when they’re given tasty raw food, so don’t expect them to be wary for too long! By introducing a new food slowly, you can give your dog time to adjust and get used to their new fare. As always, it’s advisable to talk to your vet about any health concerns you may have or to seek advice on what the best diet is for your dog.

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