Pug Barking – Do Pugs Bark?

Like all other dog breeds, pugs bark, some more than others. Pugs are no exception. Because pugs can’t speak like humans, they bark as a way of communication, like birds tweet, cats meow, pigs oink and cows moo.

On this page, you will find all the information relating to pug bark like how much they bark, what pug barking sounds like, the reasons why they may bark & how to train a dog to stop barking (if that’s possible).

Do Pugs Bark a Lot?


Every pug is different and so does how much they bark. Some pugs bark all the time, while others are much less frequently or rarely, all quiet and peaceful, like a fat Buddha. What about our pugs? Yep they bark – also used to bark a lot more when younger.

In general, pugs don’t really bark excessively and not as much as some other breeds.

When Do Pugs Bark?

You may find pugs barking at a number of different occasions. Some of them may include:

• When someone rings the house doorbell or knocks on the door.
• When pugs see certain things come on the tv, such as dogs, cats and other animals, fireworks and cartoons. They may also attack the tv too so maybe better to place it higher up to prevent any damage to your tv!
• When someone enters your house.
• Pugs may bark when left alone.
• When pugs want to go outside.
• When pugs see stars or the moon outside – Yes, really…
• Many pugs bark at a vacuum cleaner.
• When pugs are happy.
• When pugs are bored.
• When pugs are hungry, they are telling you to feed them!
• Pugs may bark at nothing.
• Pugs may bark at everything.

Pug Barking Sound – What Does a Pug Barking Sound Like?

Pugs bark like this.

Or sound of a pug barking can be funny, like when pugs bark batman.

Why Pugs Bark

There are a number of reasons for pug barking. As mentioned earlier, pugs use their bark as a form of communication.

Protective/territorial – Pugs may bark to show their protectiveness towards their owners. Pugs are vey loyal to their owners, so when strangers (humans or animals) come into your house, they could be warning his territory is being invaded.
Boredom – Your pug may be telling you he/she is bored and need to play more.
Loneliness/Separation anxiety – As pack animals, when pugs are left alone for a long period, they can feel lonely and sad, leading them to bark.
Happy/excitement – They can bark when they get excited, for example, when their owners come home from work. You will also see their tails wagging with the excitement.
Attention seeking – Your pug could be seeking your attention,

How to Stop a Pug from Barking


Your pug is barking all the time and at everything and this is causing you a massive headache, and possibly annoying your neighbours too. Is there a way to stop them barking?

No, you can’t stop a pug from barking.

However, there are certainly several things you can do to control.

First thing to do would be to identify what’s causing your pug barking? How to deal with it will be different. For example, if your pug is barking due to boredom, you can give stimulating dog toys to keep them interested in playing. Channing toys every so often can also help.

Another thing that you can do in this case would be to make sure your pug is getting plenty of exercises, as this would stop them having time to get bored. Furthermore, tired pugs tend to be quieter ones!

If your pug is barking from things like telephone or doorbell ringing and animals on the tv, you can teach them the quiet command, and when they do, they should be rewarded for good behaviour, by, for example, giving them a treat. Repeating this process can be really effective.

There are also lots of bark deterrent & anti-bark devices on the market that aim to help minimize dogs from barking. We haven’t actually tried these, so we would love to know if you have used these before and whether they have worked or not, by simply leaving a comment at the end of this page.

The training will take time and probably not the easiest thing to do, however, with patience and generally being consistent, you will definitely start seeing the progress and improvement.

Do black pugs bark?

Yes, black pugs bark as much as the fawn ones. Obviously. We’ve heard people ask this question in the past so thought this had to be included. Yea, stupid question we know..

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