•  Find the Best Tattoo Studios – UK, US & Australia

    Find the best tattoo artists in your area to do your pug tattoo. There are so many tattooists and it’s often hard to find out who’s good and who’s not. We aim to recommend all the most reliable and reputable tattoo artists for you to choose from, whatever style of tattoo artists you may be looking for. So have a look at this page and get your tattoo appointment booked!

  • Tattoo Aftercare

    So you got your new beautiful pug tattoo, but not totally sure how to aftercare? It’s really important that you make sure you take care of your new pug tattoo properly and allow it to heal nicely & keep it beautiful. Poor aftercare can result in your fresh pug tattoo getting ruined. So read on that you’re on the good side.

  • Pug Cross Breeds

    So you know you love pugs, but what about those pug cross breeds? On this page, you can find out what other breeds pugs are often crossed with. If you’re thinking of getting a new dog but can’t decide which breed, this may help you choose.

  • Information on Pugs


    Find all the interesting information you need to know about the Pug. We cover topics like how much pugs cost, how long do they live for, and do they bark and a lot more.

  • Dog Tattoo

    Get dog tattoo design ideas with Lucky Pug. Whether it’s a tattoo of a pug or other dog breeds, it’s important to have a clear idea of what type of dog tattoo you’re planning to get, on which body part. This section also looks at what ink colours would look best on each skin tone type.

Poodle Cross Breeds