Dog Tattoo – Designs & Ideas

So you love your dog so much that you’ve decided to get a dog tattoo on your skin permanently, or it might be that you just want a super cool ink and a dog tattoo is just what you’re looking for. We do agree that dog tattoos often look very ‘pwesome’! Whatever the reason, we love dog tattoos. In fact, we love tattoos of dogs so much that we’ve built a website, which is dedicated to this, well more specifically for pug and related dog tattoos. So whether you love looking at tattoos of dogs in general or pugs, we hope you enjoy our website and tattoo galleries. We have gathered some awesome dog tattoos of all styles from realistic dog portrait, more cartoon-like dog tattoos to even tattoos of dog paw prints in some cases, so check out tattoo galleries by CLICKING the image below.

Dog Tattoo Designs & Ideas

It is essential that you get the right dog tattoo designs and ideas before actually committing yourself to one. Although it is today possible to get tattoos removed, we’re pretty sure you’re not going to want to do that, because 1) it looks painful, 2) it is costly and 3) it is known to take a few sessions to complete it. So make sure you carefully think and know exactly what type of dog tattoo you want beforehand. It is often the case that different tattooers specialise in different style of tattoos so depending on a dog tattoo design you decide to get, your choice of tattoo artist can vary. Below we’ve listed a few different types of dog tattoo designs.

Dog Portrait Tattoo

Dog portrait tattoo is possibly the most popular style of all. Dog portrait tattoos can look awesome in black and grey or as a colour tattoo. It is completely up to you to include the dog’s body or simply the face of the pug, but we’ve seen super cool dog portrait tattoos of both types. We have also seen some amazing dog portrait tattoos, where the dog is inside a frame, so this may be an option you can consider.

Dog Memorial Tattoo

It is a really horrible and sad feeling to lose dogs that you love so much. When such events happen in life, different people have different ways to deal with the sadness. Getting a dog memorial tattoo is one way and we think it’s such a great idea, your dog will always be with you. So if you are thinking of getting a tattoo in memory of a dog, we would love to give you tattoo design ideas and inspirations.

Dog Paw Tattoos

Dog paw tattoos are very cute. It might be that you simply like the way dog paw prints look or you want the dog paw tattoos to represent your dogs. They are becoming very popular today as these tattoo can look great on many parts of your body, especially on the foot, neck, shoulder or arm.

Japanese and Oriental Dog Tattoo – Foo Dog Tattoo

Animal tattoos always look great in Japanese style, also known as Irezumi and this is definitely true with dog tattoos. As well as standard dogs, foo /fu dog tattoos are very common in Japanese and oriental style. Foo dogs are pretty awesome; a foo dog is a mythological monster / animal creature that is somewhere between a lion and a dog, also referred to as a guardian lion. Foo dog statues are traditionally placed outside wealthy homes or buildings as they symbolise protection. So if you’re after a tattoo to represent protection, foo dog tattoo may be the ideal option for you.

Dog Tattoos on Body Parts

Dog tattoos can look great on different body parts; arm, foot, leg, shoulder, rib, chest, hand and more unusual places. Obviously the level of pain vary across the body parts; getting tattoos on body parts that are not close to bone can be less painful. Different styles of dog tattoos look great on different parts. For example, we think dog paw print tattoos look great especially on the foot. Dog portrait tattoos can look great on any part of your body but they tend to look better on a bigger surface as it would allow the tattoo to be more detailed.

Tattoos of Different Dog Breeds

Whatever type of dog you love, whether it’s a pug, bulldog or bigger dogs like boxers, dog tattoos are very cool as we keep emphasising. The cool thing about all this is that you can get a large tattoo of a small dog and vice versa. Just imagine a pug face the size of your whole chest!

Dog tattoos in different colours

The choices you have with dog tattoos in terms of colours are broad; they can be in colour or black and grey. When you are getting a dog tattoo, it is important to consider which ink colour matches your skin tone. For example, if you have fair and pale skin, dark and bolder tattoo ink colours would look great, whereas light ink colours are not recommended for this type of skin tone. If you have a darker tan skin, colour choices for your dog tattoo will be more flexible.