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Use Lucky Pug’s tattoo studio/artist directory to find the best tattoo artists in your area. We understand that a tattoo is something that stays on your body for the rest of your life so of course, you want your tattoo to be as good as it can be. In this section of our website, we will list all the best tattooists and tattoo studios who are most talked about and reliable who you can trust. Countries listed include England, Scotland, US, Australia and various others.

England – UK

Tattoo studios and artists in England, UK
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Tattoo studios and artists in USA
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Tattoo studios and artists in Australia
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Scotland – UK

Tattoo studios and artists in Scotland
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Wales – UK

Tattoo studios and artists in Wales
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Finding your perfect tattoo studios doesn't have to be difficult with Lucky Pug's tattoo studio directory. Whatever style of tattoo you are after, whether it's a realistic portrait, script or cartoon style, you are sure to find the right artist. So get started straight away!

We're still trying to gather information on all the best tattoo studios. We're currently listing tattoo studios in the major cities, but we'll be adding more locations soon, we'll keep you updated!

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