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We are all about pugs. You will find all the useful information on pugs in this section of Lucky Pug.

Pugs are a very interesting breed, and we believe they have some sort of special power to attract certain types of people. We find pug owners are as loyal to their minions as pugs are to their humans. This is why this website exists and so many people decide to get tattoos of their pugs.

Of course, pugs are very cute, but you’ll find there’s a lot more to this clown breed of the dog world than just its amazing looking appearance.



All pugs are different.

Pugs come in different colours and in all different sizes. Obviously, you will not see a pug size of Saint Bernard – but what we mean is you will see pugs that are well-built, skinny, tall and short with a tiny face, bigger face and eyes, some of them will have curlier donut tails etc. and so on.

It’s not just their appearance, their personalities can vary too. Some are more energetic than others, they all have different degree of intelligence. Some can be more naughty, and some can be clingier.

However, you will find there are definitely some common similarities between all (most). For example, female pugs are generally more active and also may show more attitude than males.

We make sure the pug information we write about on here is as accurate as possible, both positive and negative points about what it’s like to own a pug and what you can expect. This should really help you answer the question you’ve been (or you will be) asking yourself –

Should I get a pug?

We have separated sections by topics so you can find what you’re looking for all easy and quickly. So to read on, just click on the link for the specific pug information that you want to know more about below.

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