Celebrities with Pugs (with Pics & Videos) – Famous Pug Owners [Updated 2023]

Today pugs are everywhere so are pug maniacs across the world. The popularity of the pug breed seems to be increasing massively recently. The love for pugs is shared by many people including celebrities and famous people. Below, we list celebrities with pugs and they include actors, actresses, musicians and other famous people.

This proves pugs are the perfect companions for all kinds of people. What we want to know now is whether any of the celebrity pug owners have their pugs tattooed on their bodies? If you spot any pug tattoos on these celebrity pug lovers, let us know!

Rob Zombie with Dracula the pug

Rob Zombie is best known as the singer of a heavy metal band, White Zombie, as well as a film director, creating a number of legendary horror movies, including House of 1000 Corpses, The Devil’s Rejects, The Lord of Salem and the remake of Halloween. He has a black pug named Dracula, such a rock n’ roll pug!

PewDiePie with his two Pugs, Edgar & Maya

Controversial YouTube Star PewDiePie (his real name is Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg) loves two of his pugs. He is also one of the highest-paid & famous youtubers around.

PewDiePie pugs maya edgar

Kelly Brook with Rocky the pug

Kelly Brook has a fawn pug dog named Rocky who looks very spoilt (but then again all pugs should be spoilt!) Kelly Brook is a model, actress and TV presenter from England. Who can forget her leading role in the comedy-horror movie remake of Piranha.

Brix Smith with Gladys and Pixie the pugs

Gladys and Pixies are probably the most famous pug dogs in the UK, making several appearances on Gok’s Fashion Fix.

Gerard Butler with Lolita the pug

Even a hard Scottish man actor owns a pug named Lolita. Would love to see this pug in RocknRolla.

Ted Danson with his pug, Roxy

We love Ted Danson not because he was in the American sitcom Cheers but cos he is a lover and and owner of a pug (as well as playing a such a great character in Larry’s David’s Curb Your Enthusiasm!)

Paris Hilton with her pug, Mugsy

Everyone knows Paris Hilton, literally, and this makes her Mugsy a very famous pug. We may have a slight like towards Paris Hilton because she adopted a rescue pug from a shelter.

Hugh Laurie with his pug

We don’t know the name of Hugh Laurie’s pug, but the Blackadder and House MD star loves pugs and so should we all!

Jodie Marsh with Peggy the pug

We know she’s English, but is she a glamour model, body builder or both. The other things we know about Jodie Marsh is that she a pug lover and a tattoo lover. But does she have a pug tattoo?

Jonathan Ross with his pug Mr Pickle (RIP)

Jonathan Ross is probably the most well known TV presenter in the UK and he loves pug dogs, he even brought his beloved black pug, Mr Pickle on one of his shows on BBC, which can be seen below. Sadly, Mr Pickle the pug passed away while filming with his human in 2011. RIP Mr Pickle

Anna Paquin with her fawn pug

Anna Paquin is an actress, famous for playing Sookie Stackhouse in True Blood, HBO’s vampire TV series. Anna has told us “that was my friend’s pug, but I loved him!” We don’t know what the pug is called, but appears to be a pretty awesome looking pug. Would have loved to see the pug making a cameo appearance in True Blood but never happened!


Francesca Sandford (AKA Frankie) of the Saturdays with her pug Presley

Francesca Sandford, one of the singers in the Saturdays, one of the most popular girl bands in the UK, has a fawn pug called Presley. We know she’s got a few tattoos but not sure if any of them are pug tattoos but if they are then, this will make her even more awesome!


Billy Joel with Sabrina the pug

OK, so everyone knows Billy Joel, unless they don’t…no it’s not the dude from Green Day, that’s Billy Joe Armstrong. However, what not everyone knows is that he’s also a pug lover and has a beautiful fawn pug, named Sabrina.


Anna Faris and Chris Pratt with Bonzo the Pug

Scary Movie 1 was OK, but two, three, four, five, and probably up to about 108, were all less than OK. Anna Faris is the actress who plays the lead female in all these. But don’t forget she’s also in some awesome movies too including Lost in Translation and the Dictator. Anna Faris and her husband Chris Pratt, Star of The Parks and Recreation, have a cute fawn pug called Bonzo.


Amy Childs (of the Only Way is Essex) with her pug, Prince

Amy Childs is best known for being in the UK reality TV show, the Only Way is Essex, also known as TOWIE. It is no doubt one of the worst things to come out on the tele, but the fact Amy Childs has a pug, or two or three, might make it slightly, only slightly better. She has a pug named Prince.


Nicola Roberts (of Girls Aloud) with her two pugs, Ronnie and Reggie

Nicola Roberts has two fawn pugs, named Ronnie and Reggie. She is a singer from the UK and famous for being in Girls Aloud who are probably the biggest UK pop girl groups ever.


Mike D’Antonio (Killswitch Engage) with his pugs, Raisin and Potato

These two pugs, Raisin (black) and Potato (fawn) are probably the most metal pugs in the world. They own Mike D’Antonio who is the bass player in an American metal band from Westfield, Massachusetts, Killswitch Engage. Killswitch Engage have influenced so many metalcore bands today and we love them too! As well as getting involved in Game of Thrones mixtape, they’ve released some classics like ‘Alive or just breathing’ and ‘the End of Heartache’. Mike also has a pug tattoo, shown below, and also wears one of our pug t-shirts! So much love and respect for Mike D!



Kelly Osbourne with Prudence the Pug

Kelly Osbourne has a fawn pug called Prudence. We are all jealous of her being from such a cool family and also of this little pug.


James Taylor with his pug, Ting

James Taylor is an American singer/guitarist, became famous in 1970s, having sold more than 100 million records! He has a pug called Ting, which he shows his love for often on his social media

James Taylor with His Pug Ting

If we have not listed anyone you know who has a pug, please let us know, you can always leave a comment at the bottom of this page!

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