7 Myths About Pugs That Need to Be Busted Today

Do you know why your pug looks sad? It’s tired of fighting stereotypes.

There is no denying that pugs are incredibly cute and they are great family dogs. However, the breed has somehow associated itself with some myths. These myths are mostly spread by people who have never owned a pug in their lives.

Amongst the most common misconceptions is the rumor that pugs are lazy and dumb. People see the snub-nosed cute appearance of pugs and automatically assume that they are not as intelligent as other breeds. The only thing that’s “not intelligent” is a rash judgment that’s based on appearance alone.

People who actually own pugs, know the reality. It’s about time these misconceptions about our beloved dogs are put to rest. Without further ado, the following are 7 myths about pugs that need to be busted today.

Pugs Are Not As Smart As Other Breeds

Do go by their perpetually confused and deceiving appearance, pugs are in fact highly intelligent. If your pug is not following your command it’s because it has a personality and a will of its own and not because it doesn’t understand.

They Are Couch Potatoes

Anyone who has taken their pugs to the park knows that this is a complete myth. Pugs like many other breeds do love afternoon naps, but they jump at the chance of going out for a walk or playing a game of fetch.

couch potato

They Shed Once a Year

Much like all dogs, pugs shed all throughout the year. There is no practical way to stop them from shedding. While the rate of shedding can increase or decrease based on the time of the year, the process of shedding never comes to a complete halt. There are some supplements and pet meds for pugs that can improve their coat health, but nothing that can stop shedding completely.

Pugs Are Hard to Maintain

Pugs need care and love just like any other breed, but they are not difficult to maintain. They are usually pretty quiet and they remain inactive during certain times of the day. This is the reason why pugs are often favored by working parents. Thanks to their small size, pugs also are also great apartment dogs.

Their Eyes Can Pop Out At Any Moment

Because they have rounder eyes, people often think that pugs are prone to proptosis. This is a medical condition of eyes popping out of their sockets. While pugs are more prone to proptosis, it’s not like their eyes can pop out at any moment. It’s only in cases of certain rare kinds of accidents when proptosis may occur. Even if it does happen, it’s highly treatable.

Pugs are Perpetually Sad

That’s just their face, deal with it. Pugs are one of the few dog breeds that love their alone times. They are generally very happy dogs and are known to be mischievous from time to time.

sad pug

Most of Them Are Overweight

There is a good reason why people believe in this myth. Plenty of pug parents spoil their canine children to the point that they are always giving them snacks and unhealthy food. Pug do love tasty treats and if they are allowed to they can eat incredible amounts of food for their size. Overweight pugs are usually the result of excessive food and lack of regular exercise, which is a fault in parenting. It is also worth emphasizing on the importance of feeding your pug good quality products like Royal Canin dog food.

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