Why Evеry Pet Needs Reliable Identification

We all know that pets are super active animals that love to roam around. This sometimes leads to them getting lost, especially if they do not have proper identification. Studies have shown that one in three pets usually gets lost and is never found if they do not have proper identification. 

We will share why every pet needs reliable identification to enhance safety and their safe return home in case they ever get lost.

What is a Pet Identification?

Pet identification is identification tags that are usually put around the collar of a pet. They contain the pet’s name, owner’s contact details, and location. Depending on your preferred style and taste, these tags can usually be customized to suit the pet owner’s needs. Some can have customized messages, sizes, and colors to match what the owner needs. 

Reliable Identifications For Your Pet

Here are some of the recommended tags one can use for their pets. 

Pet ID tags: Pet ID tags in Australia are reliable identification that can be used to identify a pet. They usually contain important information about the pet. From names, owners’ contact details, pets’ medical history, home address, and more. Make sure to have it properly tied to your pet’s collar so that it can not easily fall off, especially during playtime.

Tattoos: Some pet owners prefer to engrave tattoos of their pet’s details on their bodies. This is a long-lasting method of identification that can easily help the pet locate their owner. One can have it put around the pet’s ears to be easily seen by anyone.

Microchips: This is a more advanced means of identification where microchips are implanted into the pet’s body. The microchip can contain unique information about the dog that can be obtained once it is scanned. The veterinarians and animal shelters usually have scanning equipment. 

Reasons Why Every Pet Needs Reliable Identification

Every responsible pet owner should consider providing proper identification for their pet. Here are some valuable reasons to offer reliable identification for your pet. 

Reuniting With Pet Owner

Providing proper identification for your pet helps you to reconcile with them if they ever get lost easily. Once someone with a good heart finds your dog roaming anywhere, they can easily use the details on the identification tag to reach out to you. This helps reduce the cases of lost pets over time as their owners are easily located.

Legal Requirements 

Reliable identification for your pet is also important, as it is usually a requirement in some regions or areas. The legal authorities usually require pet owners to properly identify their pets with tags to show proof of ownership or the dogs could be taken to animal shelters. This always helps to avoid issues that are related to pet thefts and disputes in a region in case the pet is involved in an accident.

Medical Information

Another reason is that identification tags help provide the medical condition of your pet and provide quick help in case they are caught up in an accident. For example, if they have any ailments or allergies that people are supposed to be cautious about in case the pet owner is not around. In the end, your pet could be saved due to the medical details that they have gotten from 

Proof Of Ownership

Also, providing identification for your pet shows proof of ownership. This helps solve disputes if there are different people claiming ownership of the pet. Showing the identification will help confirm who the real owner is and solve any misunderstandings. Some people usually steal pets from their owners to sell them off or own them. Having identification with all your details will help identify you as the owner in no time. 

Preventing Theft

Thieves usually fear stealing a dog that is properly identified. This is because properly identified dogs can easily be traced by the authorities due to their identity tags or microchips. However, if they encounter a dog that does not have proper identification, they usually take it for a stray dog and take it away for their use.

Facilitating Travel

When one is traveling with their pet, airlines and hotels usually require them to provide proper identification. This shows proof of ownership and facilitates a smooth travel experience for pet owners.

Enable Quick Responses

A pet that has proper identification allows for quick responses in case it gets lost or encounters a problem. A good samaritan or rescue team will quickly respond to them because they have all the necessary details to get them to their owner or destination. 

However, on the other hand, a pet with no identification could easily be ignored and taken as a stray animal. 

Cost and Time-Saving

The cost of searching for a lost pet is quite expensive. One will have to spend money advertising, setting money aside for rewards, and paying fines for unregistered pets. Additionally, the time spent searching for a lost dog could lead to laybacks and disorganization of your daily schedule. With proper identification, your pet will save you from wasting time and money that could be accumulated due to having no proper identification.

Community Responsibility

Lastly, having your dog properly identified with tags, tattoos or microchips shows community responsibility. Once members of a community find a roaming pet without proper identification, they might be mistaken for a stray pet. Stray animals are usually taken to animal shelters, making it hard to reconcile with your pet.


Keeping your pet safe is part of showing them love and a sign of responsibility. Always make sure to properly add identification tags on your dog to bring them back to you safely. Inventions like identification tags, tattoos, and microchips are some creative ways to add identification to your dog for easy identification. 

In most cases, a pet that does not have an identification tag is ignored and taken for a stray dog. This can pose a danger to their lives while living in the wild or cause them to be taken to animal homes.

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