Helpful Tips For Bringing Home A Second Dog

If having one dog in your home brings you joy and companionship, imagine what adding a second dog will do for you and your family. In homes from Tampa to Boston, having more than one dog can be a big adventure, especially when you introduce your new animal.

Your existing dog is probably already content with your attention all to yourself so that it will be a big adjustment for everyone.

Although you may think of your existing dog as part of your family, adding to that family may be easier for you than for them. Dogs often become very territorial and protective of their home and their humans.

Making the transition easier for everyone is essential to remember that adding another dog to your family can take time for everyone to adjust.

You need to consider how to discourage bullying, and how to get the right dog food formulas for each of your dogs. Once you find a puppy in Tampa, there are a few things that you can do to make bringing your second dog home a less stressful experience.

Neutral Ground

In your excitement, you may be in a rush to bring your new puppy home. However, it can be less stressful for both dogs to meet somewhere that is neutral ground.

The local dog park or a neighbors yard can create an area where territory issues will not cause problems.

Let the dogs get used to each other in this safe space before bringing them both back to your home.

Prep Your Home

Jealousy and territory issues can be a problem when you are bringing a new puppy home. To eliminate some of the trigger issues, it’s good to prep your home before adding another dog.

Make sure to have two separate feeding areas ready for both dogs, put away any special toys that may be fought over and prepare a small area where your dogs can safely play together.

Don’t Overprotect

Although you may be wary about your existing dog’s reaction to a new puppy, it’s not a good idea to be too protective. Don’t hold the new puppy out to your dog to examine, as this may create instant jealousy in your dog.

Put your older dog on a leash to limit their mobility and then place the new puppy on the floor with them. Let them explore each other without too much interference from you.

Discourage Bullying

Older dogs that are already established in your home can sometimes turn into bullies when a new dog is added to the family. Any kind of bullying behavior like eating food that isn’t theirs, taking toys, or being aggressive should be strictly prohibited.

Setting a good pattern right from the start will teach your older dog that bullying is not going to be accepted in your home.

Stay Observant

It will take some time for both you and your dogs to adjust to your new life. It’s important to stay patient and aware of all changes in behaviors. Watch carefully how your dogs interact with each other to recognize where there may be problems quickly.

Adding a new puppy to your home can be a blessing. Dogs are natural pack animals and often form lasting and loving relationships with new dogs when they have the right introduction. Take your time, give lots of love and reassurance, and set the rules right.

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