Do Dogs Like Wearing Clothes?

Dogs in clothes are extremely cute, and it is no surprise that they look more fashionable than most of us humans. It can be very tempting to put clothes on your dog, but the question we might want to ask ourselves is that:

Do dogs actually like wearing clothes?

And the answer to this question is, like everything else in the world, “It depends”.

Some dogs like or even love wearing clothes and others just don’t. In this article, we provide a breakdown of everything you need to know about dressing up your dog.

Should you dress your dog? – Is it ok to put clothes on my dog?

There are many reasons to dress your dog, whether it is for fashion purposes or simply to provide comfort.

Showcasing the latest fashions

It might be that you would love to showcase your dog in a cute outfit for special occasions like Halloween & Christmas. Who doesn’t love looking at dogs in adorable / funny costumes or in very stylish Burberry dog clothes on Instagram!

So should you really dress your dog for your own entertainment? If your dog likes dressing up (like mine does!) and is fun for both of you or doesn’t seem bothered by it, it is totally fine. Many dogs enjoy the extra attention that dressing up brings.

If your dog reacts badly, whether he/she is scared or shows any sort of unhappiness, irritation or discomfort, putting clothes on your dog might not be the best idea. Your dog could even see this as a punishment and damage your relationship.

Keeping your dog warm in cold temperatures

dog in clothes in winter

It could be you are trying to keep your dog warm during walks or traveling in a car in cold weather. A lot of dog breeds hate cold weather – and we are not talking to you, Siberian Husky & Japanese Akita owners! If your dog is like my Pug, he/she would hate to go outside in winter.

Some of the breeds that do not tolerate cold weather include; Dachshunds, Chihuahuas, Greyhounds, and French Bulldogs. It is also worth mentioning that older dogs may also struggle in cold weather regardless of the breeds. In this case, it is absolutely ok and could be necessary to put a warm sweater, jacket or hood on your dog.

Keeping your dog cool & safe in the heat

It is important to keep your dog’s body temperature cool on a hot summer’s day. A dog can get extremely hot, especially during walks or traveling in the car in the heat – to the point a dog’s body can’t cope with an internal temperature rise, causing heatstroke. There are cooling jackets and vests to protect your dog against the sun and the heat.

Helping your dog with anxiety

Just like humans, dogs can also get anxiety, and I’m sure you will want to do everything you can to help. Some of the common cause of anxiety in dogs are:

  • Separation anxiety
  • Loud noises (i.e. fireworks and thunderstorms etc)
  • Visiting the vets
  • Meeting new people
  • Meeting new dogs
  • Traveling in a car

There are clothes that can help your dog calm and provide comfort if your dog is suffering from anxiety. Again providing comfort and making your dog feel safe is so important.

Finding the perfect fit – Things to consider when choosing dog clothing

There are things you need to take into consideration if you are putting clothes on your dog, whether it is for fun or providing comfort.

Size of your dog

Most importantly, it needs to fit your dog properly. Just like us, humans, dogs don’t like being forced to wear clothes that are uncomfortable, too tight, too loose or just simply have an unnatural feeling.

Your dog should be able to walk, run, jump and play without any restriction or limit to their movement.

Make sure to get your dog’s measurements right. The measurements you will need are:

  • Topline
  • Chest girth
  • Neck girth


Bear in mind the dog clothing materials. The material should be high-quality soft and washable. Some dogs may have skin conditions and sensitivity to certain materials, causing itching and other negative reactive reactions.

Product Reviews

Whatever online retailers you go to, you will find product reviews and testimonials. Reading those carefully and finding out what others are saying about the dog clothing you are thinking of getting can help you make the right choice.

Final thoughts

Some dogs love wearing clothes and others don’t. If your dog is happy being dressed up, great, and have fun! If not, you may want to have second thoughts on this.

For some dogs, wearing clothes could be beneficial or even necessary in extreme cold or hot weather. The most important thing to remember here is that you make sure dressing up is comfortable and is a positive experience for your dog.

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