Lucky Pug Shop Info – Pug Tshirts and More

So we are all about bringing you what we think are cool and not forgetting the main themes – Pugs and Tattoos. We work with some super awesome artists who bring pug related designs of all types. Some of the artists who we’ve worked with and love include Melissa Szeto (Tattoo artist from Love Hate Social Club) and Jack West-Oram. Check out the artists we’ve worked with.

Lucky Pug – Pug Tshirts

Currently, we have some pug tshirts for sale with super awesome designs, designed by a number of different artists. So if you’re like us and love pugs, tattoos and pug tattoos, hopefully you’ll like the pug tshirt designs we have here at Lucky Pug! Check out more information on our tees Here.

More Lucky Pug Products COMING SOON!

We promise we’ll have more soon! Please keep checking back!