Artists We’ve Worked With

Below you will find the artists we’ve worked with. They have been awesome enough to do our t-shirt designs. These are artists we totally love, and picked by us! Click on the artist to see more information.

Melissa Szeto (Love Hate Social Club, London, UK)

Jack West-Oram (Bristol, UK)

Lizzie Cartwright ProfileLizzie Cartwright (Bon Voyage Tattoo Studio, West Midlands, UK)

If you’re an artist, tattooist, designer or illustrator and are interested in working with Lucky Pug, please send us an email through our contact page or at . We’d welcome artists of all styles. Whether you’re willing to design our pug tshirt or for anything else, hopefully we can sort something out!

On our website, we have featured pug tattoos by some of the most amazing artists around the world including:

  • Megan Massacre – Grit N Glory (US)
  • Mike Biggs – Oddity Tattoo (US)
  • Camila Rocha – Sacred Tattoo NYC (US)
  • Melissa Szeto – Love Hate Social Club (UK)
  • Marcel Tambach – se7en Sins Tattoo (Netherlands)
  • Pete Belson – Dragstrip Tattoos (UK)
  • Itoyo Kinoshita (Japan)
  • Hollie West – Indigo Tattoo (UK)
  • Antonio Valente (Italy)