Pugapoo /Pugoodle (Pug & Poodle Mix)

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Pugapoo, also known as Pugdoole or Pug-A-Poo is a cross between the Pug and the Poodle. This section of our website contains all the information you need to know about Pugapoos including their appearance, characteristics, as well as the breed’s photos. Read on to help you decide whether getting a Pugapoo would be the right choice for you.

Appearance of the Pugapoo

As with any non-purebreed dogs, the appearance of Pugapoos can greatly vary. This means they can look very unique to each. Some of the common visual features the Pugapoo include:

  • Curled hair
  • Short hair
  • Curly tail
  • Black mask
  • Flat ears

The sizes can also differ, from small to medium. A pugapoo will unlikely be large in size, due to the size of the parent breeds, the Pug and Poodle. For this reason, this hybrid breed may be appealing and suitable for various types of owners, for example, for those living in large cities without large living space.

Pugapoos come in different colours, from dark to light. Some of the common hair colours include black, grey, dark brown, fawn and white, or a mixture of different colours.

The Cost to Buy Pugapoos

Like any other breeds, both pure and cross. The cost to buy a Pugapoo can vary, depending on several different factors. Some of the affecting factors include, which breeder the dog’s from, which country you’re in, whether it’s a puppy or adult Pugapoo you want to get. Typically Pugapoos tend to cost less than the purebreed Pugs and Poodles. We have seen Pugapoos for sale from £250 ($370 USD approx.) to £650 ($1,000 UDS approx). We recommend, before coming to a decision, to carry out enough research to ensure you get a healthy Pugapoo from a high quality breeder.

Pugapoo Temperament and Characteristics

We find the most suitable way to ascertain the cross breed’s characteristics is by looking into the parent breeds, the Poodle and Pug. The pug is a breed with nice temperament. For example, pugs are friendly, loyal, love people, good with children and lively. However, some of the negative points include they can be very stubborn, shed a lot, food orientated and can have low trainability.

The Poodle shares some the Pug’s characteristics; friendly, polite, loves people and lively. One of the points that you’ll need to remember is that Poodles can be extremely alarming and bark easily.

Pugapoos can have any of the characteristics above, so make sure to take these points into consideration to decide whether this hybrid breed is suitable for you.

Pugapoo Pictures

We are always looking for pictures of Pugapoos to showcase on our website. If you have pictures of this cross breed and happy for us to feature on this page, we would love to hear from you! Please get in touch with us at hello@luckypug.com

Below are some awesomely cute pictures of Winnie the Pugapoo.


Winnie the Pugapoo 02

Winnie the Pugapoo 01


Boris the 5 month-Pugapoo, Submitted by Julia

Boris Pugapoo

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Lucky Pug
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 by Rod Keller
My Pugapoo Henry

Henry is the son of a toy poodle (male) and a pug (female). He is the perfect dog for any family. He is affectionate, loves people, and easy to potty train. Both of his parents are black, but he is mostly black with grey streaks running through him. He is very smart and I couldn't recommend him anymore.