Frenchie Pug / Frug (Pug & French Bulldog Mix)

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What is a Frenchie Pug? To answer this, a Frenchie pug is a mix between the French bulldog and the pug, sometimes known as the Frug. Here at Lucky Pug, we love French Bulldogs as well as pugs, and we are so fascinated by this cross breed, Frenchie Pug. We even have a French bulldog tattoo page for those who share the same passion. You may be having a difficult time deciding whether to welcome a pug or a French bulldog in your family. If this sounds like you, a Frenchie pug may be another option you may want to consider. Read on to find more information on the pug cross French bulldog.

Frenchie Pug Appearances and Types – Colours and sizes

Frenchie pug appearances can vary, like the other pug cross breeds. Some may look more like pugs while others may be closer to the French bulldog than the pug. For example, it’s common that a Frenchie pug to have a face of the pug with sticking up ears of the French bulldog. Frenchie pugs often have a curly tail like the pugs’ The colours of this hybrid breed can also greatly vary, including black, white, brindle, fawn, brown or mixed colours. We’ve seen some Frenchie pugs with white coloured body with some black patches on the face. There are blue French bulldogs, and of course, a Frenchie Pug can inherit this from its Frenchie parent. The sizes of the Frenchie pug typically tend to be larger than the pug but smaller than the french bulldog although again could widely range.

The cost of Frenchie pugs

The cost of French pugs could vary depending on the location you’re in, the breeder and several other factors, but generally you could be looking at between £350 to £1,100 (approx $550 to $1,700 USA). Furthermore, French bulldog cross pug puppies are generally more expensive to buy than the adult dogs.

Frenchie Pug Characteristics and Temperaments

Some say it is impossible to predict the temperaments of pug cross breed dogs, but the best way to guess is looking at the characteristics of the both breeds; the pug and the French bulldog. The pug and the French bulldog share some of the characteristics. For example, both of these breeds are typically playful, affectionate, sociable, attention-seeking, easygoing, good with children and other dogs. In other words, they are both dogs with nice nature, therefore, the Frenchie pug / frug will likely have the similar temperaments.

Pictures of Frenchie pugs

Below you will find some pictures of Frenchie pugs. We would always welcome picture submissions, so if you have a Frenchie pug and would like to share with us here at Lucky Pug, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

Two Frenchie Pugs

The two pictures below are of Marley the Frenchie pug (Frug) puppy at 9 months old, with a very curly tail. Thanks to Nicki for sharing them with us!



Many many thanks to Mac from Dallas, TX, USA for sharing pictures of his frug, Lola below!
“Her name is Lola and she is two. We got her from a breeder who bred AKC frenchies, and AKC pugs, along with AKC English Bulldogs. We paid 550$ for her. She is just north of 20 lbs. She has the double coat of the pug, the neck rolls of a pug, the head size of a pug, and a tail. Albeit a straight tapered tail, but the rest of her is all frenchie. She is happy go lucky, and a massive cuddle bug. She loves to take trips to the dog park to play with her friends. She does just as good with big dogs and she does with small dogs. She plays like she’s 85 lbs.”


Lola the Frenchie Pug Frug 01

Lola the Frenchie Pug Frug 02

Lola the Frenchie Pug Frug 03

Lola the Frenchie Pug Frug 04


Below are some pictures of Sigma the frug with a snow beard, and doing her favorite activity, napping, submitted by Austin from Western Montana, USA.


Sigma Frug in Snow

Sigma the Frug Sleeping


Many thanks to Amber for sending us the following two picture of her Frenchie Pug, named Boss. “He is 7 months old and is a dark brindle Frenchie Pug. He is our pride and joy!!! Very energetic and full of spunk! He keeps us on our toes and very busy!”


Boss the Frug 01

Boss the Frug 02


Below is a picture of Tinamarie’s Frenchie Pug, Bella, with a very curly tail.

Bella the curly tailed Frenchie Pug Frug

Submitted by Chad – Pug (50%) x French Bulldog (25%) x Boston Terrier (25%)

pug cross frenchie submitted by chad

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