Pugshire (Pug & Yorkshire Terrier Mix)


Although it might sound like a county name in the UK, a bit like Yorkshire, Derbyshire and Cheshire, Pugshire is actually a name given to a cross breed between the Pug and the Yorkshire Terrier. The chances are that if you are reading this, you will like small sized dogs. You may be looking to get a Pug or a Yorkshire Terrier. Or if you like both of these breeds, a Pugshire may be your perfect option.

Pugshire is recognized by Designer Dogs Kennel Club, Designer Breed Registry, American Canine Hybrid Club and International Designer Canine Registry. Read on to find more information on the Pug cross Yorkshire Terrier hybrid dog breed.

Pugshire Appearances – Colours & sizes

As with other pug cross breeds, it is difficult or even pretty impossible to say exactly what a Pugshire will look like. Some Pugshires may look more similar to Pugs, while others could be more Yorkshire Terrier like. Some of the common features of Pugshire Terriers include; small size, flat or erect ears, a squishy face, curly tail, black or very dark coloured mask, short hair, fluffy hair. Pugshires can also come in various colours including black, fawn, tan, steel blue and a mixture of these colours.

How Much Do Pugshires Cost?

How much Pugshires cost can vary greatly, depending on the location. Yorkshire Terriers generally cost around £500 ($750 US approx.) in the UK, however, in other parts of the world, such as the USA, they cost significantly higher – could go up to $4,000 – $5,000! So it is very difficult to estimate the average cost of this hybrid breed. In the UK, Pugshire puppies cost between £600 ($925 US approx.) to £900 ($1,400 US Approx). As with a lot of other pedigree and mix breeds, pugshire adults are typically less expensive to buy than the puppies.

Pugshire Puppies

Most good breeders will not let the Pugshire puppies leave their mother until at least they are 13 weeks old. Always ensure you acquire your Pugshire Terrier puppy from a reputable breeder. Furthermore, we suggest always ask to see the puppy’s parents.

Pugshire Temperament

The best starting point to understanding Pugshire temperament and characteristics may be by looking at the parent breeds. Some of the common features of the Pug include; friendly, loyal, good with children and other animals, sociable, food loving, playful, love their humans. On the negative side, pugs can easily become couch potatoes, not motivated to do exercise.

The Yorkshire Terrier has unique characteristics; energetic, brave, loyal and intelligent, affectionate to its owner, which makes the breed a great companion dog. One thing to note here is that, however, they can become suspicious of strangers and even come across aggressive towards others. This include towards other dogs and animals. As often said, Yorkshire Terriers can convert to being ‘yappy’ dogs as they love to tell you what they want. It is a wise idea for any Yorkshire Terrier owner to be strict with their naughty behaviour, ensuring it doesn’t become your owner!

Pugshire Terrier Pictures

We are always looking for Pugshire Terrier. If you are a pugshire owner and have pictures you would like to share on this page, please get in touch with us at hello@luckypug.com

Bella, the 4 month-old pugshire – submitted by Hayley

bella pugshire puppy 4 months old

Two pictures of Bilbo the Pugshire below, submitted by Megan.

Bilbo the Pugshire 01
Bilbo the Pugshire 02

Submitted by R Kelly – “This is Lucy, the Pugshire. She is 7 years old. Lucy’s temperament is a mix of both parent breads.”

Lucy the seven years old pug cross yorkshire terrier - pugshire

A picture of Buddy, the Pug cross Yorkshire Terrier, submitted by Paula Troglin – “Buddy is 2years old, and his lion haircut gets everyone’s attention. Great family dog. He does get a little jealous of other dogs I show attention to. He’s very lovable and loves his naps.”

Buddy Pug Cross Yorkshire Terrier - Pugshire

Submitted by Maggy – “This is my little girl, Bella, who’s a 4 1/2 yr old pugshire. She is smart as a whip. she recognizes theme songs and jingles and learns so quickly! She loves to go on walks but can nap for hours. She’s quite the barker and she loves nothing more than licking me! Her best friend is my other dog, Baxter, who is a doxie scot.”

Bella - four year old pugshire

A little about Yorkshire Terriers

Yorkshire Terriers, often referred to as ‘Yorkies’ originated in the north of England and were created by working men who developed the breed for catching mice and rates, which at the time infested mine shafts and clothing mills. Although the exact origin of the breed is not confirmed, it was working men from Scotland in the area of Yorkshire crossed several different types of terriers with local types, creating the breed today called the Yorkshire Terrier. Originally, Yorkshire Terriers were much bigger in size than we see today. Due to the reduced size, the Yorkshire Terrier became a fashion dog and women would carry it under their arm or in their handbag.

The Yorkshire Terrier is generally a healthy breed, with long life expectancy. However, as with any other dog breeds, they could potentially have certain health issues. These could include; elbow and kneecap dislocation, malformation of the spinal vertebrae, Legg-perthes disease (affecting the hip joint), cataracts, epilepsy, and heart problems.

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Pugshire Reviews

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 3 reviews
 by Collette mccreary
Dream dog

Posey, the Pugshire, is now 4 yrs old and still has all the cute puppy traits you wish your dog could keep for life. Posey is incredibly smart and loyal. She is friendly and loving to all who meet her, human or animal. She has never needed a leash as she wants to naturally stay by my side.......she has the soft Yorkie coat with a little curl around her butt that's decorated with a feathery curled tail. She can manipulate u with her piercing brown eye and a well-delivered shiver(when she wants to go in the car with me). Basically I couldn't have ordered a more perfect dog! Don't hesitate on this mix!

 by Ann
Storm the pugshire

Hey! I have a female pugshire her name is Storm she extremely smart and too friendly if you ask me. It seem like once we outside a lightbulb switches on she always on defense mode she bark at everyone she sees. I have to constantly tell her everything is okay but I then figure out that’s her way of getting attention because one family walked up to us and she rolled on her back for a tummy rub lol. I love my girl to death and she get alone great with my three years old daughter every time she come home from school she wait right by the bedroom door lol I think that is just so cute, but anyway you guys enjoy y’all pup!

 by Mike and Maggie
Lovely Lottie

We have had Lottie, the pug cross yorkshire terrier for coming up to 2 years now from when she was a puppy. We wanted a small dog to suit our lifestyle and Lottie has more than fitted the bill. She has a wonderful temperament and is very affectionate to everyone she meets....sometimes too affectionate!! She is black and tan and extremely pretty, although we may be biased 🙂 She loves cuddles and kisses and is very persuasive when she wants something; being stared at from only 10cm can get a little unnerving. She's not yappy and communicates mainly by breathing heavily. This tends to be enough for her to get her own way.

Yes, we are completely besotted!!

Mike and Maggie