Puginese (Pug & Pekingese Mix)

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The Puginese is a cross breed between the Pug and the Pekingese. These pug hybrid dogs are also known as Pekeapug, Peke-a-Pug or Peke pug. The puginese is recognized by DBR (Designer Breed Registry), DDKC (Designer Dogs Kennel Club) and IDCR (International Designer Canine Registry). Some of the information you will find in this section of the website include the puginese characteristics, appearance, the cost and pictures. Read on to decide whether this breed is the right option for you.

The Characteristics and Temperaments of the Puginese

As with other any pure or hybrid dog breeds, it is difficult to say what kind of characteristics and temperaments the puginese you get will have as they could vary greatly. One of the ways to get a clearer idea is by looking at the characteristics of the pug and pekingese. It is, for example, common for pugineses to be friendly, loyal to their owners, playful, polite and loves nothing more than sitting on a sofa with their owners. There can also be some behaviors that some may consider as not so great.

For instance, they can be a heavy snorer and often barks when he/see sees other animals on the tv. However, temperament is something that can be affected by several things, such as how they are treated, trained and how much exposure to other people and animals they have had. In general the puginese is a great family dog and suit many different types of people.

Appearances of the Puginese

Like the parent breeds, pugineses are typically small size, which makes the breed an ideal for those living in small houses or flats with no or very small gardens. There are a number of common puginese appearance features including; squashed face, dark mask, curly tail, short or long hair, large and round eyes and flat ears.

Pugineses can come in various colours including, fawn, tan, silver, brindle, darker and a mix of these colours.

How Do Pugineses Cost?

The cost to buy a puginese can greatly vary. Some of the affecting factors include the breeder location and the dog age and more importantly the breeder and dog quality. Typically, pugineses cost between £600 ($930 USD approx.) and £750 ($1165 USD approx.). Make sure you do careful research to ensure you are getting a good quality puginese. For instance, never buy a new puginese without viewing first and you should also ask to see the puppy’s parents. If the breeder tries to sell the puginese puppy before 8 weeks old, that would be one reason to be suspicious. A good breeder would also make sure the dogs are flea treated and wormed before selling.

Puginese Pictures

In this section, you will find pictures of Pugineses. If you have any Puginese pictures and would like to share with us on our website, please get in touch with s at hello@luckypug.com We would love to see them!

Submitted by Summer, “This is Pip. she’s a 6-7 year old Pug cross Pekingese, named after Great Expectations she was rescued.”

pip six year old rescue pug cross pekingese

Leny the Puginese, submitted by Mumi from Bosnia – “Pictures of my Hybrids Pug and Pekinese, LENY, the best dog in the world who is unfortunately no longer with us.”

leny puginess on the floor


leny puginese with flowers

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Lucky Pug
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 1 reviews
 by Dcounty
I love my Toby

He is 8 weeks and is so affectionate. He sleeps most of the time and already snores! He is smart at his age. He rarely has accidents. Always has his tongue out...so cute! Love him. Will be emailing pictures of him soon. Ran across this page and figured I'd be the first to comment about how great Pugineses are.

Hello, thanks for your review, and look forward to seeing some pictures of your Puginese!