Muggin (Pug & Miniature Pinscher Mix)

Muggin is a cross dog breed between the pug and the Miniature Pinscher (Min Pin). On this page, you will find information on the Muggin, along with the breed’s pictures to help you decide whether this Pug cross breed would be the right option for you. For other pug mix breeds’ information we have on our website, please click HERE.

Muggin Photos

Below you will find pictures of the Muggin. We are always looking for Muggin photos, so please get in touch with us if you have some pictures and would allow us to share them on this page.

Submitted by Sherrie – “I have a couple of pug x min pin crosses – muggins. Love them to death.

Two Muggins - Pug cross Min Pin

Callie, the Pug cross Miniature Pinscher (Muggin), Submitted by Wendy


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