Daug (Pug & Dachshund – Sausage Dog Mix)

The Daug is a cross between the pug and the Dachshund, often referred to as the Sausage dog. Like other pug cross breeds, the daug tends to be a healthier breed than a pure pug breed. Read on to find out all the information you need to know about this pug cross breed, Daug and whether a Daug is what you want to welcome in your family or not.

Daug Appearances – Colors and sizes

As with any other pug cross breeds, appearances can greatly vary among daugs. Very often daugs are black or brown coloured. The hybrid breed typically is short haired, which is completely understandable as both the pug and the dachshund both have short hair. The Daug is relatively small, like the pug and the dachshund, and should not weigh more than 10 kg (21 pounds). With it being small, the daug would also be ideal in a small house or flat with not massive space. The daug often has a long ‘sausage-like’ body of the dachshund and the pug’s squishy face.

How Much Does a Daug Cost?

The cost of a daug can be widely diverse, depending on the dog breeder, whether you are planning to get an adult or a daug puppy and the location you are in, Furthermore, how much daugs cost may be different depending on what percentage of each breed the daug contains. For example, a daug that is 50% pug and 50% dachshund may be more expensive to buy than a daug that is 25% pug and 75% dachshund. Regardless, you should always visit the breeder, as this case you will be able to get an idea of the quality of the dog.

piggybank depositing money daug

Daug Temperaments & Characteristics

To get a better idea of what kind of characteristics and temperaments the daug will likely have is to look into both the pug and the dachshund. As we all know the pug is such a nice natured breed and the dachshund is such a proud little dog, making this pug and sausage dog cross super cool. We know of some daugs and they share a few characteristics, such as playful, curios yet very cuddly and loyal, making it a great family dog with or without children.

Daug Pictures

If you own photos of a daug, please get in touch with us, as this will allow us to provide everyone more detailed information.

Thanks to Cory for sharing with us the daug pictures below.

“She’s got a the spunkiness of a dachshund and the silliness of a pug. She loves everyone and always up for playing especially with other dogs. Incredibly trainable. She was house trained by 10 weeks and can sit, lay down and show her belly. She’ll even get her leash when she wants to go outside. Kickass mutt and most of the health problems from both parent breeds are offset. Ideal dog for any apartment living city dweller.”


Mojo the daug 01

Mojo the daug 04


Below is a picture of Beau the Daug, submitted by Krista. Thank you so much! “I have a 3 yrd old girl who is a Daug. Her name is Bea and she is a rescue dog. We don’t know much about her past, just that she was found on the side of the road. We took her in and she has quickly become the main focus in this house. She is loveable, cuddly, stubborn, smart, silly, anxious, hates being left alone, loyal, treat snob and diva, all rolled into one light brown dog.”

bea daug rescue dog three yr old 01

The pictures below are of Kim’s 4 month old daug, Belle. “She has a great temperament. Seems to listen well, and does most of her business outdoors. She still has a few mistakes in the house, but all in all she knows outside is where to go. She enjoys running and playing with sticks. She is very social with people and other dogs. I am looking forward to years of fun with her.”


Belle the daug 01

Belle the daug 02


Submitted by Wilfred J Penfold – “My sausage pug who is called Fergus. He’s a happy dog who is playful and loyal. He’s a bit of a princess. Loves a cuddle, chews everything. Comes to work with me, very social.”


Pictures of Bubby and Squeak the Daugs below, Submitted by Angela Bailey – “We have two of the most adorable Daugs! I’d love to share their pictures. The mother was a long haired dachshund and the father was a pug. Squeak and Bub are brothers, but not litter mates. We rescued Squeaky from going to the pound when his mother stopped feeding all the pups in the litter at 5 weeks. I feed him from a dropper and took him everywhere with me. He was so tiny all he did was squeak…thus the name. He was such a wonderful dog that when the mother had another litter, we knew we had to get Squeaky a brother!”

squeak daug


bubby daug


“We thought it would be fun to name the new dog Bubble so that we could have “Bubble and Squeak” (English Dish) but it turns out that our baby is not Bubble…he is more of a redneck Bub! So, we ended up just calling him Bub. These dogs have so much personality! They are playful, cuddly and so loyal. We would love to share pictures! We are proud of the babies”

squeak and bubby daugs playing

Submitted by Atasha – “Here’s a photo of my gorgeous EmiLee!! Her father was a black & tan long-haired dachshund and her mother was a standard pug! She was the only girl in a litter of 5 and the only brown puppy! She’s the epitome of the perfect dog and still looks like a puppy at almost 5 years old! She never chews, loves to play, bark at strange noises and is great with children & other dogs! I can take her anywhere or snuggle on the couch!”

EmiLee 5 year old daug

Submitted by Robert Mortimer Jr – “My sausage dog just gave brith to two little ones and their dad is a pug. We enjoy them. Here is a pic of mommy and daug girls.”


Five year old male Daug, Submitted by Shannon.

5 year old male Daug

Submitted by Fawn – “This is Jetta. She’s an 8 year old Daug rescue who immediately stole my heart from the moment I saw her picture. Once we met it was an instant connection. She was rescued from a puppy mill and was very timid and scared at first. Now she seems to think she’s the boss (she kind of is). I wanted to submit her picture because she’s a cutie.”

Jetta Daug 8 years-old

A daug – 50% Pug + 50% Miniature Dachshund, submitted by Eric

Daug puppy with a toy

Scrappy, Three year old Dachshund cross Pug, Submitted by Mark

Scrappy the Three year old Daug

Dobby the 16 weeks old Daug, submitted by Dawn

dobby the 16 week old daug

4 year old female daug, Willow

4 year old female daug willow

Baxter the Daug, submitted by Shannon – “We rescued this lil daug days before his owner was taking him to the pound. My son wanted a cat, but mommy was allergic so no cats. He was born around the 1st week of Dec and we got him Jan 19th. Our home has changed drastically since he came in to it. He was pad trained when we got him but we kept working with him and now he goes outside, most of the time anyways. He tells us he wants to go out and if we are not fast enough he will tinkle a puddle. He had 1 indoor accident of the stinky variety, but since that there has not been any. He is crate trained and only had a couple crate pee accidents during the night since we got him. He loves to cuddle and really loves to play. He really loves meeting new people and seems to really like other dogs. He likes his toys, but his favorite seems to be when we leave the bathroom door open and he can get to the toilet paper and unroll it. He picks up anything on the ground that might have been lost and he sits patiently waiting for any kind of people food we might be eating. He really like any type of bacon treats (those seem to be his favorite). He likes to bark at anything but usually a good reason for it. He has really taken up with my wife, but he makes sure to share his attention with all of us daily. We could not of asked for a better dog for us, he is cute, sweet and loving lil boy. We thought and was told he was part chihuahua, but after seeing that curly tail we knew he was pug mixed. Now that he’s 5 months old and we see just how long his body was getting, we thought chiweenie/pug mix but the more i researched i decided there is no chihuahua in him. He is super precious thats for sure.”

Baxter the daug

Submitted by Hazel – “We rescued this little daug boy from our local humane shelter. Believe he is between one and two yrs. old. He is very smart, but also very stubborn and does not like men or strangers. We were told he had been abused and he is very scared of people when he first meets them. He was easily trained to go outside and has only had a couple of accidents inside. He does not like to be left alone and he “cries” when he can’t find me. He is spoiled rotten but we love him very much.”

Black one year old daug

Ollie the Daug, submitted by Jennifer – “I have a nine-year-old pug dachshund mix. He is without a doubt one of the sweetest most silly dogs I’ve ever owned! Everybody who meets him immediately loves him but he’s pretty hesitant around babies and little kids because they are so unpredictable. He loves to play with dogs big and small and is truly amazing. His favorite spot in the car – in the booster seat sitting next to his little sister, Bella.”

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Lucky Pug
Average rating:  
 3 reviews
 by Emily

We got a daschung x pug and OMG! He is so cute and so well behaved especially for a puppy.

 by Maxene Raices
Sweet Ginger the Daug

Ginger, the Daug, was a rescue at one year of age. It took her about a month to fully adopt us. Now she is totally devoted and is playful and smart. She has silky hair and a li g hairy tail.

 by shannon cole
my daug

I have a 5 year old male daug how do I leave a pic?

Hi, please drop us an email with pictures of your daug at hello@luckypug.comThank you!