Poxer (Pug & Boxer Mix)


The poxer is a mixed breed dog between a pug and a boxer. This designer pug cross breed is recognised by IDCR (The International Designer Canine Registry) and DBR (The Designer Breed Registry). If you are in love with the two parent breeds; pug and boxer, a poxer may be the perfect option for you. Read on to learn more!

Appearance of the Poxer Breed

Like all other cross breeds, the appearance of poxers could greatly vary. Some of the common features of the poxer breed include:

  • Dark or light coloured hair
  • Short hair
  • Curly or straight tail
  • Short muzzle
  • medium size

With one of the parent breeds being medium to large sized, it is not uncommon for a poxer to be large. However, if a poxer was to get stronger influence from the pug side, it will likely be much smaller, which would make it easier to live with if your have limited living space.

How Much do Poxers Cost?

We have not actually come across many poxers for sale so it is difficult to say how much they normally cost. However, of what we have seen, poxers could cost between $400 (£310 GBP approx.) and $1,000 ($775 GBP approx.). Pug mix breeds, in general, tend to cost slightly less than the parent breeds, and this is no different for poxers.

The Characteristics of Poxers

To get a good idea of the characteristics of the poxer breed, the best thing to do is to look at the parent dog breeds. Some of the common characteristics of the pug include; lively, loves humans, great with children, intelligent and playful. The boxer share some of the pug’s characteristics. For example, boxers are also intelligent, playful, friendly and loyal to his/her family. Additionally, boxers are alert, fearless and require lots of physical exercise, which should all be taken into consideration if you are planning to live with a poxer.

Poxer Photos

Below you will find various pictures of poxers. Please get in touch if you have poxer photos you would like to share with! Please contact us at hello@luckypug.com. Submitted by Sarah – “We rescued a Poxer, Bella from an animal sanctuary. She’s now 2 and a half years old. she has brought nothing but joy to my life.”

Bella Poxer

Below are some pictures of Dexter the brindle poxer, submitted by Ben. “I rescued a boxer/pug he’s about a year.”


1 year old poxer 2 1 year old poxer 1


Submitted by Karla Scott – “We own a small sized female Boxer and a male Pug. We rescued the boxer and before we could have her spayed she had a litter of puppies. These are the photos of the four babies and the parents. They are the cutest power puppies ever! So playful and fun!


Power Puppy litter 01

Power Puppy litter 02

poxer parent female boxer

poxer parent male pug


Submitted by Bridgette – “I rescued Jay-Jay the Poxer from breeders that abandoned him in a cage. He’s very loyal, playful, loving, he is such a blessing. When he goes to sleep, he has to have his cuddle babies in his mouth….curly tail that melts me. I wanted to share pics of the love of my life. Oh, he turned a year old August 8th 2018. He sleeps next to me like velcro. I adore him, can u tell? “

Jay-Jay Poxer

Piper, Rescued Poxer – boxer/pug mix, Submitted by Catherine

Piper Poxer

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Lucky Pug
Average rating:  
 5 reviews
by Elisa Potgieter on Lucky Pug
Princess Poxer

My husband discovered our Poxer 6 years ago. She was wandering our busy street nearby and at the stop light she stood in front of my husband's car and would not move. My husband got out of his car to mover her away and she jumped right into his car. She was terribly frightened, so my husband decided to bring her home. We have kept her since. about a year later we had a daughter and she has been somewhat my daughter's dog. Poor princess the poxer does not have any fans like our other handsome dog, our husky, who often takes away a lot of the attention from people. But my daughter has shown so much love to this dog, she greets her when she wakes and when we arrive home. Our daughter has actually shown us and everyone else the beauty of this breed. She is a true watchdog and demands our attention which is why my husband and I named her princess. We enjoy her quirkiness style and big marble brown eyes.

by Aurora Allen on Lucky Pug
I love my Poxer!

We rescued our Poxer, pug cross boxer, Sally from the shelter 3 years ago. We adore her. She's playful but can be very lazy. She think she's a lap dog and loves to cuddle and nibble on ears. When we take out the leash, she gets super excited and starts jumping really high. She's very intelligent and sweet. She loves people and demands their attention. Very protective of her family and is great with children. She can be neurotic when she sees other dogs. I have to introduce her to another dog slowly. If the other dog is aggressive, she's gets snippy. Appears to like male dogs more then females. She has short hair and rarely sheds. Does not get fleas. Sneezes when I burn or spray fragrances. Might have allergies.

by Destiny on Lucky Pug
Bella the Poxer

I've had my little Poxer girl, Bella for about a month now. She was my cousin's dog but she didn't have the time for her so I took her in! She is the sweetest most silliest dog I've ever had. She is super outgoing and listens wonderfully! Poxers are definitely one of my favorite breeds!!

by Melissa on Lucky Pug
Poxer dogs are awesome

I rescued my Poxer from a shelter. She is a year and a half and a wonderful dog. She loves to cuddle and is at my side at all times when I'm home. She is really smart and quiet. She does not bark unless someone is at the door. She loves going for walks and gets at least two good walks a day which keeps her calm and happy.

She is so cute and just the right size. She has short hair so shedding isn't bad.

She can be neurotic about other dogs. She has a tendency to freak out when she sees other dogs. She's also very curious and nosy when we see people when out on our walks.

So far she hasn't had health problems. My only problem was she had fleas and had a bad skin reaction to fleas.

by Chris Smith on Lucky Pug
Poxer companion

I rescued an 11 month old poxer 10 years ago. Long before the "designer" label. He passed away a year ago. He was my baby and companion. Amazing with my small kids and very laid back. Also very neurotic almost ocd about some things and loved attention. In his later years he suffered from skin allergies and infections and some sinus and tracheal issues related to the pug half. In his last year suffered from cancer but at almost 10 years old I couldn't bear to put him through treatments that may not have worked. By far the best dog I have ever had right up until the night he died in his sleep laying next to me.