Pug-A-Mo (Pug & American Eskimo Dog Mix)

The Pug-A-Mo, also sometimes referred to as Pugamo is a cross between the pug and the American Eskimo Dog. See below all the information, reviews and pictures of pug-a-mos to help you find this hybrid dog breed.

Pug-A-Mo Photos

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Tank, the Pug-A-Mo, submitted by Alicia – “We have a Pug-A-Mo he has been the best. He has so much personality and facial expressions. He always wants to make his humans happy. My pugamo began alerting us to my spouse seizures up to an hour before the event (my spouse suddenly developed seizures due to injury during his tour in Afghanistan) he would do anything to get us to know like barking, spinning grabbing our hands, and patting my husbands head, it was amazing and shows how intuitive they are.

With kids, my Pug-A-Mo has been around newborns to teens and knows instinctively and by our energy that kids are special he will just let them do what ever and of course I will watch and teach kids how to pet. If u like to play fetch or out door dog fun I know with mine he love fetch, swimming, snow hiking u name it he did it. He is very smart, I only showed him tricks twice and he figured them out! His memory and recall is 100% so in all the breed – Pug-A-Mo is perfect for all types of lifestyle.”

Tank the Pug-A-Mo sleeping


Tank the Pug-A-Mo relaxing

Tank the Pug-A-Mo sleeping 2


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Pug-A-Mo Reviews

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Pug-A-Mo / Pugamo
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 by Kristie
Double Pug-a-Mos

I’ve got two male pug-a-mos. These boys love to play but are also happy to cuddle. Their size is about 28 lbs and ‘just right’. I get so many comments on how attractive they are. They’ve done great with kids and have learned to tolerate cats.