Jug – Pug Cross Jack Russell Terrier


The Jug, also known as the Jackpug is a cross breed between the Jack Russell and the Pug. As with any other pug cross breeds, the characteristics, personalities and appearance of Jugs can greatly vary, but if you are looking for a little dog just like a pug and a Jack Russell, a Jug may be the perfect option for you. Read on to find all the information you need to know about Jug dogs. We also aim to bring you the best collection of Jug pictures on this page.

Jug Temperament and Characteristics

To get a better idea of what kind of temperament and characteristics / personalities a Jug will have, what you can do is to look into the parent dog breeds, the Pug and the Jack Russell. With the Jack Russell being small dog breed, it is possible that a Jug may develop little dog syndrome, although this is very rare in pugs.

However, both of the parent breeds share some nice characteristics. For example, they are happy, loving, relatively intelligent (most of the time), great with children, making them great family dogs. One thing to mention is that with the Jack Russell’s strong hunting instincts, you may want to avoid if you have small pets and animals.

Appearances and size of Jugs

As with all other pug hybrid breeds, what Jugs look like can differ significantly. It’s not always the 50% pug and 50% the other beed. Some will look more like a Jack Russell Terrier, while others can look more similar towards the Pug. Some of the common features of the Jug include:

  • Short haired coat
  • Black mask
  • Curly tail
  • Large eyes
  • Flat ears

With both the Jack Russell Terrier and the Pug being small, Jugs are normally small sized, which can make this breed an ideal pet dog for many. It is also quite common for the male Jugs to be larger than the females.

Jugs can be in any of the following colours or a mixture of two; black, tan, fawn, lemon coloured, brindle.

Jugs for sale and how much they cost

The cost to buy a Jug will depend on several factors. For example, is it a Jug puppy you are after? Which Jug breeder are you planning to buy him/her from? Normally, whether a puppy or an adult, Jugs for sale are significanlty less costly than buying a pug, ranging between £200 ($325 USD approx.) and £550 ($850 UDS approx.). So make sure to do some research before deciding to buy a Jug to make sure he/she is healthy and happy. What’s more, make sure to ask to see the parents so that you know you are getting your Jug from good quality breeders.

Jug Pictures

Find below some pictures of Jug dogs. If you own any Jug photos that you would like to share with us, get in touch with us at hello@luckypug.com

Sailor Jerry the Jug, Submitted by April – “The Jack Russell parent must have been a rough coat but he has googly eyes, underbite, curly tail under all that hair. He definitely has the Jack energy at the park but Pug snoring at night.”

Jerry the Jug - Jack Russell Pug Cross

Below are two pictures of Brownie, the 3 month old Jug puppy, submitted by Debbie Aregood – “We love Brownie so much, she’s the light of our life.”

3 month old Jug Brownie - Pug cross Jack Russell 01

3 month old Jug Brownie - Pug cross Jack Russell 02

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Jug Reviews

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Lucky Pug
Average rating:  
 2 reviews
by Alison on Lucky Pug
Jug dig

I have a stunning 4yr old male Jug. He has a loving and affectionate but also lively and crazy temperament, he has always struggled with toilet training and doesn’t think twice peeing where he wants and that’s his only drawback I’m constantly on watch and it doesn’t matter if he’s been out either in the garden or on walks he still cocks his leg up

by Encie on Lucky Pug
My 10 year old Jug - Jack

I purchased 2 male 5 month old Jugs from the same litter from an Amish family. They had been living in a barn and vying for food with their parents. I had not planned on purchasing two pups, but could not leave one due to their living circumstances. They were extremely close, touching each other as they walked (rather ran) together and sleeping on top of each other. I soon ran into problems with them fighting. The smaller one always getting the worst. They could be sleeping together and all of a sudden they would be fighting violently. I had a dog specialist come to the house and watch them interact and surprisingly, she thought the smaller one was the instigator. I also had adopted two small older Maltese whose human dad had just passed. Even though my Jugs never bothered them, I was afraid it could happen. After many tears, several trips to the vet to fix the boo-boos, I decided that it was not for the best to keep both Jugs. I won't say which one I gave up, but 10 years later, I still miss him. The one I kept had more Pug features than the one I gave up. Jack has the Pug nose, bulging eyes, and over (or under) bite as well as a very curly tail. He is a light brown with one white paw and has the body of a Jack Russell weighing 20 lbs. He (and his brother) were very active in the three years I had them together - jumping from sofa to chair, etc. as well as running along the fence with the two neighbor dogs every evening. I took Jack to playtime every Saturday and he would not interact with the other dogs. He would jump from folding chair to folding chair, but never get down to play. He enjoyed interacting with the other dog Mom and Dads. My Jack has been a diabetic for about 2.5 years and has adjusted quite well. He understands he has to have his shot every morning and evening. Jack has been worth every penny I have ever had to spend on him at the vets and I would recommend his breed as a family pet. His particular traits include:

1)still fairly active though he doesn't play with the other dogs anymore because he cannot see (I think he sees shadows at times)

2) very intelligent - I can actually hold a conversation with him and see that he understands - he tilts his head back and forth.

3) very vocal outside - plays macho man

4) inside - likes to be vocal with other dogs in the neighborhood. sounds like they are actually having a conversation

5) because of his loss of sight - heels me constantly when walking. The vet is amazed - no one knows he's blind until I tell them

6) loves his bath or shower, but is a bad boy when attempting to trim his nails

7) Easily learned the entire house by memory when he lost his eyesight including our new vacation home in Florida. I swear he counts the stairs himself which is what we did with him when he was first losing his sight.

8) a Mama's boy unless Dad is handing out treats. He has to be touching me when we are sitting together or sleeping.

9) very possessive whether it be with his parents, dog collar or coats. He loves dressing up and gets upset when you try to take either off. They are his!

10) loves trips in the car, crying if he can't go with me.

I would definitely get the same breed when the time comes.