Chug / Chuggs (Pug & Chihuahua Mix)

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The Chug, also sometimes referred to as Chugg and Pughuahua is a cross between the pug and the Chihuahua. You will find some information on this hybrid dog breed, and we will be adding more pictures. If you are in the middle of deciding whether to get a chug or not, this information page should help you assess whether this would be the right option for you.

Chug Characteristics and Temperaments

When looking into any pug cross breeds including the chug, the best way to get a clearer idea of what the characteristics and the temperaments of the breed is by carrying out research into the parent breeds. It is common for the chug to have the characteristics found in the parent breeds some way or another, conversely it could be that this may not be the case at all.

As many will already know the chihuahua can be a dog breed with a very strong personality. For such a small dog breed, it may not act of its size. However chihuahuas are very intelligent and fast learners, although can be unfriendly towards other dogs and the people who are not their owners. Pugs generally have dissimilar characteristics, such as playful, friendly and good with other dogs and all types of people, although may not be as intelligent as chihuahuas. So bear these factors in mind if you are looking into getting a chug.


Three Pug Chihuahua Mix
Three pug chihuahua mix puppies in a red wagon

The Sizes and Appearances of Chugs

Chugs often share the parent breeds’ appearances. Some may look more like a pug and others more like a chihuahua. With both the pug and the chihuahua being small dog breeds, chugs are typically small in size. A chug may have features including:

pug cross chihuahua playing on the grass


  • Short hair
  • Less round face like a chihuahua’s
  • Black mask
  • Small face
  • Flat ears like a pug’s
  • Curly tail
  • Large eyes

Like any other small breeds, a chug can be a perfect option if you have small living space. It is possible for a chug to have any colour you will find with the parent breeds, such as fawn, black, white, brindle, brown or a mix of a number of different colours.

How Much Do Chugs Cost?

If you are looking for chugs for sale, you will find the cost can greatly vary. This depends on where you are located, what kind of breeder you are buying the dog from, its age and many other factors. Typically the price range you will find with a chug for sale is between £250 ($400 USD approx.) to £800 ($1,600 USD approx.). Bear in mind some may have the prices out of this range. We highly recommend getting to know the breeder before you actually buy a chug, as well as asking to see the dogs’ parents. While it’s not always the case, buying chuggs from reputable and reliable breeders typically costs more, but this could be so important to make sure its quality.

Chug Photos

We are aiming to have a wide range of pictures of chugs. If you own a chug and would like us to feature pictures of your dog, please send us an email at

Roxy, the Chug – Thanks Noel for sending us these cute pictures below. “These are pictures of our Chug Roxy. We adopted her right as she was facing a serious operation. She was mistreated because she was fed cat food. There is a reason dogs and cats have different food. Roxy had a stone in her bladder the size of a golf ball and she weighed 15 lbs! Now a year later she is healthy and happy with her big sister Ellie, a puggle.”


Roxy the chug 02 Roxy the chug 01


Cheeko, the 6 month old chug, submitted by Debbie Aregood – “Our sweet baby boy”.


6 month old Chug, Cheeko - Pug cross Chihuahua 02

6 month old Chug, Cheeko - Pug cross Chihuahua 01


One year old Chug, Opie Bob, submitted by Tina – “This is Opie Bob, he is an amazing and loving Chug. We adopted him from our local shelter. He’s great with kids and other pets (cat). He has his day though. When I leave for work, he’ll stay at the window and whine until I get home. So sad :'( Im seriously thinking about getting another Chug so he has a friend while we’re not home.”

one year old chug Opie Bob

Submitted by Salanie – “This is Lucy, she passed away at almost 16 from renal failure. She definitely had the Chihuahua personality. She was the alpha dog and ruled the house. Chugs are smart and loyal with dominant personalities.”

Lucy the Chug  - Pug Cross Chihuahua 16 Years Old
Pug Chihuahua Mix Eating Mr Monkey

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Chug Reviews

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Lucky Pug
Average rating:  
 3 reviews
 by Linda Moore
Chug Life

I was blessed to find my Brutus on the streets a year-and-a-half ago never found the owner. He's so sweet affectionate only barks if someone knocks. He loves sleeping under the covers and love sitting on mommy's lap.

 by Robyn
Mr Doggie

I got my chug as a rescue dog and have enjoyed him for 9 years! He has deformed feet heart murmur and airway disease but he is the most wonderful boy! He is gentle loves humans and cats- not other dogs though! He is pure white and beautiful still at 15!! Highly recommended

 by Tina Galliher

I adopted a Pug mix form my local shelter. Tried my best to find out what my Baby Opie Bob was mixed with. After looking through this page. He is most defiantly a Chug. He's an amazing and loving dog but the only thing that kills me is he will whine all day at the window til I get home from work. So sad :'(