Bugg (Pug & Boston Terrier Mix)

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The Bugg is a cross between the pug and the boston terrier. As well as pugs, we also love boston terriers so that we even have a specific section dedicated to tattoos of this squishy faced breed. On this page you will find various information about buggs including what kind of appearances they may have, how much they could cost, along with some pictures.

Bugg Characteristics and Temperaments

The best way to get a better idea of the characteristics and temperaments of any mixed breed is taking a look at the parent breeds; the pug and the boston terrier. These two breeds share some similar personalities, such as playful, lively and sociable and good with other dogs and children, which make them ideal dog dogs for many types of families. Of course, every dog will have different characteristics, but a bugg will likely be a dog with nice nature like its parent breeds. So if you’re having trouble choosing between the pug and the boston terrier, the bugg might be the answer for you.

Appearances and Size of the Bugg

It is extremely difficult to say what buggs will look like as they can vary greatly. Some may look more similar to the pug and in other cases, they will look more like a boston terrier. You will not always get a 50% pug /50% boston terrier look. Some of the common features of the bugg may include:

  • Short hair
  • Stood up ears like a boston terrier’s
  • Flat ears like a pug’s
  • Black mask
  • Curly tail
  • Big eyes

It is understandable that buggs are typically small in size, as both the pug and the boston terrier are small dog breeds. This makes the cross breed ideal for those with small living space, as well as making them perfect lap dogs.

The colours of buggs can hugely vary and could come in black, fawn, brown, brindle and a mix of several colours.

How Much Do Buggs Cost?

The cost to buy a bugg can vary but in general, it tends to be lower than buying a pug or a boston terrier. You could be look at the price ranges between £350 ($575 USD approx.) to £1,000 ($1,600 USD approx.), however a number of things can affect the price, such as where you’re buying from, whether it is a bugg puppy or adult dog you’re looking to purchase. We strongly recommend not go for the cheapest option. Typically, it will be more expensive to buy from reputable bugg breeders but this could ensure the high quality of the dog you’re welcoming to your family.

Pictures of Buggs

Below you will find pictures of buggs. If you own a bugg and have some pictures you want to share, please let us know by emailing at hello@luckypug.com

Bugg - Pug Cross Boston Terrier 01

Submitted by Kelsey – “I’m still working on getting my pug and bugg tattoo; but in the meantime, I have attached some pics of my bugg for you cross breeds info page. Maybe a couple of these will help people in choosing a breed.”

brindle bugs on beach


brindle bugg closeup

brindle bugg on pink carpet

cat, pug and bugg sat together

Below are some pictures of a 4 year old bugg, Zoey, submitted by Ben.





Submitted by Chris Green, “This is jim bob he is 4 and the perfect lap dog. his favorite thing to do is sleep, he farts constantly.”

Bugg - Jim Bob four years old

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 by Donna
Best hybrid

The Bugg is intelligent, friendly, easy going. Highly motivated to learn and engage humans. Easily the best hybrid or designer breed that exists! All around athlete that can keep up with avid runners or hikers without the challenges of most brachycephallic dogs. Loves children, is gentle with the elderly. Can make an excellent visiting Therapy or Comfort dog.