English Tea Party with a Twist (of Tattoo) – March 2013

So when you hear the term, ‘English Tea Party’, you would automatically register this as some sort of gathering of posh ‘ladies’ and ‘gentlemen’, this may not sound like the most exciting thing. However when tattoos are involved, this would be a whole lot different, especially if this is in Manchester, UK. And this IS really happening for the second year, although the ‘Tea’ part may not be so relevant.

This is a really exciting tattoo convention taking place in Manchester, UK in March this year, bringing lots of super awesome tattoo artists from across the country. According to their website, there will be over 150 tattooists at the event. This includes tattooers from our highly recommended tattoo studio, Spear Studio in Birmingham UK; Leah Moule and Sophie Simpson. You can check out a pug tattoo Leah has done here.

Tattoo Tea Party Convention 2013 will include various entertainment, which is yet to be announced, as well as trade suppliers, basically a lot of awesome stuff. So there’s no reason not to attend the event if you’re a tattoo enthusiast and live in the UK.

They are also currently running a competition to win a free tattoo on their facebook page. Maybe this would be a perfect opportunity to get your new pug tattoo? For more information, visit their facebook page here.

Manchester Tattoo Tea Party Convention will take place at EventCity in Manchester on 2nd & 3rd March 2013. The tickets are now on sale; £16 for one day ticket and £27 for the weekend convention ticket.

We will be attending the event, and if you’re too then, come say hi (if you know what we look like). 😀

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